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(Thailand) Modern Tropical Garden: รีโนเวทสวนมือสอง ให้ตอบโจทย์การใช้งานของครอบครัว


We all have been through many types of relationships throughout our lifetime. Some were good and some were not. The only relationship that does not do us any harm is the relationship from our mother nature.

“Garden is a place where we can recoup our souls, helps us to refresh our minds. We spend lots of energy during the day. We see high-rise buildings and many faces at work. When we get home, this is the place where we can freshen up our mind and help us get ready to face new challenges the next day,” the homeowner opens up his feeling that reveals his connection with this garden. It is not just any habitat but one of the puzzles that complete his life.

Khun Ohm – Kittikhun Moudmanee, the homeowner who recently married to Khun Ae – Nontakorn Kijrat earlier this year tells us how he started this garden. After getting married, the couple wanted to make changes to match both of their lifestyles. One of the changes they want to redo is the wooden deck made by its previous owner located next to the house and converted it into a modern tropical garden that connects more with their lifestyles.

“This house is pre-owned It was an elevated wooden deck which made the space look smaller than it should be. The house itself is not big. It is just 56 square wah. We both discussed how we want our garden to look like. Later on, we found Khun Mor’s work and like his modern tropical style. His design is flexible and obviously can answer all of our needs. First of all, we want to make the old wooden deck area look spacious and become more practical.”

Khun Mor, a garden designer from Romruen Landscape, has been appointed to freely design this garden to reflect homeowners’ characteristics and their lifestyles. Starting from the front of this house which has long and narrow shape is being transformed into a bench where they can lay over or sit on it. The wooden deck next to the house was taken down and lowered its height from 50 cm to 20 cm to make it easier to access and to appear wider, airier as well. A couple of chairs are added for the homeowners to relax outside on any perfect day.

The highlight is a small pond by the house placing right across a dining table in the dining area. A soothing sound of water coming from small steel pipes can be heard from anywhere, even when both homeowners stay indoor, literally creates a comfortable and relaxing moment.

As a Thai family, Khun Ohm’s mother pays them a visit so they usually cook together. Therefore another side of the house is designed for a vegetable garden growing common vegetables such as lemongrass, basil, horapa, and mint. Their aroma is so inviting and invigorating similar to homemade food cooked by our mother that we are familiar with since we were young. These vegetable planters are located on the left and right side of the walkway in the middle.

Apart from a vegetable garden, the house is also surrounded by an amazing yet subtle fragrance from various type of gardenia such as Cape Jasmine, Pinwheel Jasmine to create a variety but still remain the same floral theme. These differences add special touch to an extraordinary beauty.

“As for mature trees, we have gardenias which bloom all year round. They come in different colors and offer different fragrance which is really soothing. Other trees we have such as Silver Trumpet Tree and Indian oak are existing trees that also provide shades to the house. We give Khun Mor freedom to pick out other small plants as he sees fit to ensure they match overall atmosphere. Mostly focus on leafy trees instead of flower plants as they grow quickly while flower plants are generally short-lived. Nevertheless, we pick Iris for our flower plants though.”

After 4 weeks, this garden is completed and ready to sooth the homeowners after long and weary days at work. “I always find time to spend in the garden every day. Some days are longer than the other depending on my schedule. Most of the time during the weekend, I spend time in the garden all day long trimming trees or doing something else. I spend half an hour before shower time for the very least. This garden is a crucial part of this house that gives us positive energy back. It is not just any garden,” says Khun Ohm.

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