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Living Loft in a Double Box

Home is a basic foundation when settling a family. It is, therefore, very crucial to design a house that meets the needs as well as strengthens the family bonding and relationship. From the front to the back of this house shows the homeowner’s personality and taste. It is also designed to fully equipped with functional areas for a new bundle of joy who is coming into this world in the very near future.

This house is situated on a lot that has a narrower front. It has a long and deeper shape that runs toward the back end which is adjacent to Mae Klong river. The house has 2 separate zones resembling 2 big boxes set next to each other which adds more space on the inside. Khun Ton – Sirichai Jongpeerapat, an engineer from SCG Packaging and the homeowner, revamped a design concept to take full advantage of the riverfront view. The front of this house is now facing the riverfront allowing family members to enjoy the stunning view of the river while the back is facing the main street.

The hidden beauty of this home slowly reveals itself starting from a shallow walkway, stairs, an open kitchen and finally a finale of the 5-meter high ceilings living area that is designed to fully open for natural sunlight and a rainforest scenery that perfectly matches the riverfront view.

The design exposes a lot of raw materials such as concrete, wood, and steel which are the main materials of this house. The beauty and simplicity of wood help soften the look and feel of a minimalist kitchen which is his wife, Khun Oam – Tippawan Chansen’s favorite style.

The most important of this design is how the designer uses 3 main materials very cleverly beginning from the exteriors and blends into the interiors. The wood on the exteriors run horizontally to meet the entry door. As soon as we walked passing through the entry door, a narrow walkway leads us to the main living room which is very spacious. A combination of wood and steel on furniture is so charming and very eye-catching. A minimalist style kitchen is decorated in the cool color tones that perfectly matches the light brown finish of the floating stairs wooden surface. The living room stunningly shows the naked non-matte concrete texture. A low sheen finish is used for coating as glossy coating may destroy its beautiful texture. Different layers of ceiling boards, which are covered by parawood, add a warm touch to the house and also help cover the utility as well as the electrical system.

An architect, Khun Ta – Natee Tamniamjad, is in charge of overall design and construction. The construction of the glass walls in the living room area has been redesigned to shield direct sunlight, promote ventilation and support overall structure of the house which beautifully match with the surrounding nature.

Apart from the glass walls and a large folding door that promotes ventilation, it is also designed to have a double wall system to block the heat from entering the house.

Khun Ton explains the elements of the interiors, “Functionality is the main concern. Another is the location. It does not make sense to not design a home facing the river view. I want to connect with nature so I redesign this house to face the riverfront. We can park the car in the back and walk around to the front entrance which is closer to the river. Some people may argue about this as the rooms facing the riverfront receive more heat from direct sunlight while the back is facing North Eastern and it is cooler. I would say that the rooms facing such a stunning riverfront view are non-interchangeable.”

“A home is a place where we have a family relationship and bonding time together. It is not just a relaxing place,” he defines what this home means to him and his family. Not just the family relationship they are bonding with, they also connect their soul and spirit with the beautiful nature of Mae Klong river, the most important river of Eastern Thailand.

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By Oom, 04/07/2018
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