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It is undeniable the greenery and humidity of the tropical garden, regardless of its size and the time you spend in the garden, revive your spirits and make every day of your life a staycation.

An overcrowded city is a repetitive picture that people living in Bangkok see daily. This 1,569-square-kilometer seems small to accommodate the population’s needs of having a private residence with a garden space. When space is limited, landscaping architecture is the only solution to the problem. Baan Ekami is also facing such situation.

Baan Ekamai is built from the homeowner’s dream of tranquility due to his busy travel schedule. It is designed by Khun Thongchai Sanyaariyapron from T-Architecture and inspired by the boutique resort style in order to make every day in this house a resort home where disturbance, problems, and chaos are not allowed.

“Because this house is located in one of the busiest areas in the middle of the city like Ekamai, the homeowner wants to build a weekend resort home to stay away from chaos in the area where he can live peacefully and quietly especially after returning from many frequent business trips.”

Every element in this garden is well-selected to suit the modern tropical style such as using the tropical plants or using earth tone color to match the natural color of rocks, trees and beautiful leaf green that soothes long weary days.

There is not much empty space left after building a house, Khun Thongchai, an architect, decides to make the most use out of this space by utilizing a vertical garden concept. Plants Walls, a professional vertical garden installer takes on the project and also helps with swimming pool installation. Brown staircases allow wood grains to standout and add extra dimension to the area by using wooden pavers, stone pavers and concrete pavers along the walkway.

“In my opinion, a resort style garden is definitely different from a typical home garden. Living in a city definitely comes with too much noise. The challenge is how to design a city home that feels like a resort home so the homeowner would be able to enjoy the pool view, the garden view and hear all of the naturally soothing sounds when he awakes in the morning. Small space is also quite a limitation. I designed the vertical garden and install exterior staircases as if there is a terrace where he can sit down and enjoy the garden view and the crystal blue pool at the same time.”

Other than correcting a limited space problem, vertical landscaping also harmonizes the appearance of an overall building structure, purifies the air, reduces direct heat, produces humidity to make us feel cool and breezy especially during transpiration process, and becomes a relaxing spot that cannot be found anywhere from the busy world outside.


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By Oom, 04/07/2018
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