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Be Real หยัดยืนด้วยเนื้อแท้

Accepting an imperfection may be difficult for a perfectionist. This house is somehow built based on the belief that no perfection exists in this world. The only thing that matters is all about us and how we feel when we live in the house.

This exposed concrete house is built from the personality of both Khun Games – Unnop Smanyart and Khun Ton – Waranan Chaungcham. The couple shares their preference and combines them into a beautifully designed industrial loft style home that can tell their background story of the country and city lifestyle.

“We prefer privacy as both of us are very private and conservative people. Our works demand silence and self-focus so our home design reflects that aspect of our life. At the same time, we take advantage of being roomy in the loft style that allows us to play with interior design and decoration. We can show material texture. It is so flexible that we could decorate our house in any style we want, from the simplest down-to-earth design to the most colorful and playful decorations, depends on our mood,” says Khun Games the homeowner and an interior designer how he laid out the design concept to reflect his and his wife’s personality.

This 3-story house is divided into 3 separate functional areas. Lower level is the guest and adult relative reception area. It is senior-friendly as it limits elderly guests and relatives from using the stairs. To make the area more convenient for elders, the living room, guest’s bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are all located in the same area. This brilliant concept also creates privacy between guests and the homeowners especially on the second level where Khun Games’ office is.


“I work on the second floor. As mentioned earlier, I am a very private person. I do not like to be disturbed in my office at all. Brick walls help really well with noise reduction. Polished concrete walls are my favorite style as it reminds me of those younger days when I was living in the country. It is something I have always dream about. I have always wanted a house that could bring back my childhood memories and could remind myself that I still am the same person as that little boy.”

The third floor has the same functionality as on the lower level. The only difference is it is designed to suit a private living. The decoration is also different as it has more city accents in it such as warmer-colored furniture, a combination use of stainless, marble and glass. It still shows off the loft style by showing brick wall texture.

“The design on the third floor is what Khun Ton wants. She is a city woman, works in the middle of the city of Sathorn area. She grows up and sees things from the city woman’s perspective which is totally opposite from me. This house is a sample proof that one house can combine many different styles. Loft style is a free form design and allows us to decorate and design the space into various styles to match the different character of each individual.

Khun Games concludes that a home is not built only for decorations but it can reveal the homeowner’s characters and lifestyle. It can turn back our memory times and teaches us life’s simplicity. For instance, handcrafted concrete walls tend to crack over time. Some people may think this is a problem and needs to get fixed but he personally thinks its nature is very charming. The appearance might be less than perfect but it reveals its true beauty and does not need to be hidden or covered. It also teaches us that there is no perfection in this world.



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By Oom, 04/07/2018
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