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“Apart from the four basic needs that help all human beings live their life happily, I believe that everyone needs “love” because it can heal our heart. Although love is just a single word, it is so powerful that inspires people to do everything. Although it seems to be too difficult to achieve, we finally get through those difficulties. I often feel that love is like a magical medicine that removes our tiresome moods away. Like Khun Nid Niramon and Khun Weerasak Wongpaitoon, the owners of the villa house who define their house as “a home of love” for “him and her.”

Apon arriving at Phu Prat Resort in Pakchong of Nakhon Ratchasima Province where my team and I had a chance to visit, the first glimpse that sprang up in my head was the question of how they both discovered this great location. The atmosphere is filled with nature; the mountains stand around calmly. Sunlight plasters trees, golden yellow grasses are glittering, and leaves dance with the soft breeze. It is such a good view that perfectly welcomes the visitors with much impression.

Khun Nid says, “I have bought this piece of land for 5 years. I know this project because a friend of mine suggested it to me. When I saw the place, I like it because of its good location surrounded by the nature and little mountains. Moreover, this house project does not have any lampposts to annoy my eyesight. Firstly, I did not tend to build my own house, but when my friends bought their own lands and built their own houses; I realized that I get older, and I should build this villa house for spending life after retirement. I asked Khun Lek Kunnika Ratanapreedakul, an architect from Spacetime, Ka-La-Te-Sa, who I am familiar with to design this house for me. Actually I do like the style of the villa house on Khao Loy designed by Khun Lek, and then all about this house is completely in the style that I like.”

Since the owner of the house prefers a modern-styled house with a basement like a house in the past. Moreover, with a limitation of the land space in Bangkok, the architect designed this house to look contemporary and simple. Raw materials like steels, wood and glass are mainly materials for the construction. In addition, what the owners require for this house is to overlook the view surrounding the house so clearly and needs the function of the house to be an open space design.

“The owner wants to make it a house for living after retirement, then I designed to make it look light and airy for them to relax and spend their time with the nature, their family and friends as well as growing vegetables and plants. The directions of each room is designed to fit well with the balcony to be able to overlook the view and touch the breeze and sunlight as well as encourage the house looks comfy for those passers-by. The decoration is based on architectural designs added with a little interior work to provide fully functional demands; however, it looks comfy but not complicated,” adds the architect.

Apart from the building that looks warm and blended well with the nature surroundings, more things that I can feel from this house are love and care in every corner of the house that make me definitely understand the meaning of “love” between him and her without any explanation.


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By Oom, 20/06/2018
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