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GREEN WALL ภาพวาดบนผืนผ้าใบที่มีชีวิต

Due to a rapid city expansion, people need to maximize every inch of the available space. Grenery within the home area is something people in the city have been craving for to help them relax, calm and sooth. The green wall or vertical landscape has recently become a perfect solution responding to these craving needs.

This magnificent tropical style, 2 story high vertically grown plants with a large sized fish pond, situated in the middle of a double space hallway belongs to Khun Win or Newin Chorchaiyathip, an Architect and Managing Director of Zillion Innovation Co., Ltd, who has created several greenery masterpieces such as the Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park and the 98 Wireless, one of the most luxurious condominium in Bangkok.

He, who falls deeply in love with greenery, always dreams of a natural garden with a water feature in his house resembling a stream of water running through a mountain. He utilizes his plants knowledge combined with skills in architectural and layout design using innovative technology to make this dream a reality.

“Vertical Greenery is a complex system. It is more complicated than a typical garden. Most of the people living in the city do not have much time. So I use an innovative technology called Nutriboard which is a plant nutrition board with a built-in irrigation system that can be controlled by a phone app. There are also many other factors to consider for vertical greenery arrangement as a result of different natural light direction during the daytime. It is impeccable to be knowledgeable about sun-loving plants. Heat-tolerant plants should stay on top layer while less heat-tolerant ones should go in the bottom layers as the top layer plants would continue to grow and provide its shade to the bottom ones,” says Khun Win.

He selected the prolific tropical shrubs such as sword ferns, philodendron, staghorn ferns, urn plants and blue screw pines for his green walls. He also adds the fountain bush to the mix because its long arching branches create an uplifting dimensional reflection above the water line with a zen-like atmosphere. On top of these fabulous tropical plants, golden devil’s ivy and peppermint, the two types of fast-growing plants that do not need much sunlight, are being used as a background and to fill empty spots.

Not only is its spiritual beauty regardless of the spaces, but green walls also help to mitigate the urban heat reducing wall surface temperatures and purify the indoor air naturally.

Khun Win usually spends his time off during the weekend feeding his fishes, happily watching his live mural plants growing and blooming every day.


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