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ARCHITECTURE of BRICK ‘มวลอิฐมอญ Visual ทางการมองเห็น’

Thousands of bricks have been laid to build this marvelous home architecturally. A single brick may not catch any attention, but it definitely creates a stunning architecture that worth more than any valuables combined when thousands of them are being used.

This dark red and brown brick home was built right after the ravaged major flooding in Bangkok 4-5 years ago. The incident completely flooded the old one-story home and was so damaged that Khun Piti Sawaswong, the homeowner, had to demolish and rebuild a new one. He had a consultation with his architect regarding his needs of privacy and overall concept of being light and airy which are the main designing concepts resulting in 4 different designs presented for his final selection.

He chose a modern design made of brick. The exterior brick color in an awesome shape has stood its ground and creates an inviting appearance. An exquisite look of bricks somehow resembles many ancient historic places and still a great choice of material for any architectural design to date. Many times people would use cement over bricks yet this one of a kind material still plays an important role in Thai construction industry.

This house simply creates a new concept of brick design by displaying its real texture without using cement to cover up its structure like it is commonly used. The arrangement in creative patterns on the exterior allows them to create a textured look on this home.

Some areas of the interior brick walls are covered with cement. The exterior walls on the Northside look stunningly different from any traditional design. Bricks are arranged in a pattern and installed as air-vents to improve a ventilation system.

There are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen and a family room inside this uniquely designed two-story house. The home was raised to be higher than its previous flood elevation. There are 2 separate zones, a living room and a kitchen, on the lower level. An open living room is covering with teakwood flooring and a crystal clear glass walls panel that the kitchen area could be seen through. A sleek, special look kitchen is designed with bricks sitting toward the back of this home.

A slender polished concrete kitchen countertop is so fascinating than any regular kitchens. Next to the kitchen is polished concrete stairs leading to the upper level that looks extremely powerful, as well as beautiful in design to break the look and feel. The upper level is covered with teakwood flooring and purposely designed for privacy that comprises of bedrooms, bathrooms and a balcony.The greenery of the Millettia tree in the middle of the house is amazingly beautiful and can be seen from a balcony. It feels as if a solid foundation of the bricks helps protect this delicate nature of the house.

Perfect matching color schemes set the mood. The colors from various materials such as teakwood, concrete and bricks create a phenomenal combination. “ I decided to custom build a home because I have a voice to the design to ensure it can be adjusted to fit my personalities while a ready-to-move-in house is not capable of offering that peace of mine,” says Khun Piti as the last conclusion just right before the sunset.

More Detail A natural air circulation system is very well thought out in the space where the Millettia tree is located at. A large glass roof allows natural light and air to enter the area and helps decrease the heat.“Having a home involves a constant development process that never stopped. We just need to oversee how to get it developed in order to make a perfect home.” Khun Piti Sawaswong.



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