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This book written นักออกแบบความเข้าใจ คุณหัทยา ลิขิตวัฒนานุรักษ์

For a designer, learning is the most important factor as it helps a designer understands and gains valuable insight to accomplish the job.

Khun Bow – Hattaya Likitwattananurak discovered the core of design thinking which leads to many of her achievement. As an example, an interior branding or a commercial design work for domestic clients such as Sansiri real estate development, Kasikorn Bank, Greyhound Café, etc. as well as other international clients.

A degree in Industrial Design from Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang is an open door to her designer’s world. She proudly explains what she gets from the Institute, “I am fortunate to have studied at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang where the hands-on workshop is available for students to gain designing skills and learn through experience and mistakes. This experiential learning allow us to correct many more mistakes than other students who learn designing without a workshop.”

Through these hands-on learning experiences, she acquired a sense of looking at the big picture which led to the beginning of her design studio while she was a senior in university. Even though she owns a design practice, she also focuses on education until she finally received her master’s degree in Business Administration (Executive) from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration.

She explains about learning, “Hands-on learning before getting my hands on an actual design helps with a deeper comprehension and a chance to correct the design flaws. This set my practice apart from others. We are in charge of each and every step. We keep our eyes on production, test and work closely with our production team which allow us to discover more ideas and improve them over time.”

Apart from having fun with designing creative and unique piece of work, she also has different perspective about the clients, “Exchanging communication with clients challenge a designer to find a formula that creates a perfect design and it literally leads to self-improvement as well as team improvement efforts.”

We can see pride in each of her design. When the design meets the client’s needs, it does not only offer team happiness but a boost that motivates the team’s morale. For this very reason, she foresees her future in this career, “I want to continue to be a designer, a mother with children in the office, and I want Over Expect Studio to become a one-stop service and stay top of mind with clients in which we are the first person they think about. I want them to see us as their consultant whom they want to share their story with.”

She explains further, “Just like reading one particular book that you can learn about everything, I want clients to feel that they learn the whole concept of interior design when they come to us.”

She diligently practices this client relationship as she loves to explain ideas explicitly and prefers ‘let’s sail together’ work style with her clients. “A designer work is only a part of production, we also need to help reduce gaps and eliminate problems between owner and sub-contractor as much as possible to promote a better teamwork, get the job done faster, and accomplish the project beautifully and successfully.”

Making sure every party understands the same design concept is the strength that endlessly drives and set Over Expect Studio apart from other design studios, continuous learning also helps her create every possible opportunity. As an example, a recent

collaboration with Nortis Group, a leading developer for renewable power projects in Thailand, to implement solar cell in furniture designs creating not only a timeless design but a function to replace the traditional furniture. This is another chapter in the book of an aspiring designer who loves to always fill up as many chapters in that book because there are still many things in this world for her to learn from.

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By Oom, 28/05/2018
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