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The Moon Stage

At a young age, we all question the story of the moon rabbit we may have heard from a fairytale and wonder if there is really a rabbit that lives there. It does not matter whether the story is true, this beautiful garden somehow has a white rabbit who always greet us whenever we step into the land of the Moon Stage.

In the back of Kays Espresso shop in Chantaburi, there is a star that Khun May – Benjamas Tuemala, a landscape designer from Ginggaanbai, has created by using Chantaburi province’s logo as an inspiration under a concept of a garden on the moon, the moon rabbits, and his animal friends.

The design concept is, of course, modern minimalism which is Ginggaanbai’s signature style. A great combination of white, grey, black and light wooden brown matches perfectly with a geometric hardscaping. These geometric lines make the garden look cleaner and allow visitors to see it better. Add to the mix is a garden swing, which is another signature feature of Ginggaanbai, amazingly gives this garden a cheerful life.

“We intentionally design every element overscaled. Everything in this garden looks bigger than normal. A larger door, higher walls, bigger sculptures. When you are in the garden, you will notice that everything is positioned to be on a different level. When you cross that level, you are going to experience another world, a purely unique and untouched space for you to visit.”

The main concept of this garden is to cater the need of relaxation to café’s customers. A commercial garden needs more space than a residential one due to a number of visitors. Therefore, the garden’s walkway is larger in design so it can accommodate a high volume of foot traffic. It is also a strategy to invite customers to spend time in this garden and stay close to nature. The designer also put together some thoughts on a ramp design so this becomes a disabled-friendly garden. The slope is designed to be at a perfect angle. This is indeed an amazing garden for everyone.

The designer selects black stamped concrete walkway and adds some graphic on the concrete to mimic a bumpy moon surface. It is carefully sealed with acrylic to protect its surface against UV, dirt, and moss. The acrylic sealant offers benefits of sturdiness, slip resistance, easy maintenance which are suitable features for any outdoor garden.

For a garden’s highlight, the moon rabbit and his friends, are placed all over the garden as if they all are talking and playing with one another. The design is simple yet unintentionally brings smiles to our face. All of these white animals are polygon sculptures to light up an overall structure. White color is used to keep a modern and simple look and also matches garden’s mood and tone.

Feather-like shrubs such as fountain grass and Mexican feather grass are used nearby those animal sculptures to soften their appearance. You can feel warmth, comfort and fresh in this garden. An overall atmosphere makes everything look so realistic as though they are alive.



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By Oom, 28/05/2018
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