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Still Private among the City พื้นที่ปลอดภัย ในความเป็นส่วนตัว

It is very hard to find a quiet living space in the middle of Sukhumvit area but this place is like an oasis in the desert as it offers more than warmth but happiness, serenity and calm for body and soul.

This safe house in the middle of the chaotic city is the only place that Khun Lalisa Jongbaramee, President of Transilp Rak Jittakorn Foundation, can relax and lay down her weary head. “My main home concepts are warmth, comfortability and it has to reflect my living style because this is a dwelling place, a place that I am happy to live in. So it has to be decorated in my favorite style. House and home are completely different in meaning. Home is the living place where you feel love and warmth. This place, to me, is a comfort,” Khun Lalisa tells us about the condo she calls home.

It is a 260-square meter room with a very spacious balcony that is transformed into a small garden and breezy enough to relax with some good books before dusk. This condo is considered another home for Khun Lalisa. So she decorates the room with her collectibles collection using a simple concept but meaningful and full of memories.

The color tone of the room is controlled by cream from wallpaper and brown from furniture. A lot of decorative items come from her collections. Some came from the old days while she was studying in the U.S. such as glassware, ceramic ware, tea set, lamp, ceramics from Ayutthaya period as well as the artworks of many Thailand’s famous artists. Last but not least, a textile collection from Versace that she uses as furniture cover.

“People did not use decorative molding for a condo in the old days. When I bought this condo, I installed both base molding and crown molding throughout the entire space. Interior decoration, in my opinion, is not difficult. It is all about creative ideas and thought process by putting together a list of what give you a comfortable living place. It is also imperative to choose matching color with furniture. I love wood so most of my furniture has a natural brown color tone so it matches perfectly with a warm color tone like cream or beige and white flooring. The hues of wood make the room appear not too bright. I selected burgundy or dark purple carpet with a little bit of cream to blend in so it matches with wood color as well. These little details make the room more inviting,” explains Khun Lalisa about the interior color selection.

Most of the wooden furniture in this room is either French or English inspired styles. Their legs somehow brighten up spaces while some of the German or Italian furniture balance the look and feel and overall composition. She inherited a teak partition from her father so she decided to emboss on the top part of it. She asked Professor Supakij Utranakorn to help sketches the lines based on heaven (Vimarn) theme. Apart from its sophisticated beauty, she uses this partition to separate the dining room and living room. It adds some privacy to the room, especially whenever she has a group of visiting guests.

Another collectibles she has in this condo, in addition to gorgeous furniture and beautiful decorative items, are those priceless artworks from many Thailand’s outstanding and famous artists such as “Jao Jampee,” a painting from Professor Chakrabhand Posayakrit, a drawing from Professor Angkan Kalayanapong or the Royal Barge drawing from Professor Supakij Utranakorn. It will not be a surprise if any condo visitors will feel as if they are in the private art museum.

She uses artificial turf and small animal sculptures such as bird or rabbit for her garden. There is also a small barbeque party zone which does not occur frequently. She installed the concrete step stones in this party area. She tells us with pride, “I enjoy relaxing and spending my reading time here in this garden. I also enjoy the garden swing in the evening, either drinking tea or coffee. That corner is really quiet and peaceful. This condo is surrounded by high-rise buildings and a lot of people spend most of their time working in an air-conditioned room but I still feel close to nature here. I can have my bare feet on the grass and do not need to turn on an air-conditioner 24/7. Whenever it is too hot and humid, I can simply open the windows to allow natural ventilation. This is one of my happiness living here.”

Even though her garden is located in a high-rise building, it provides the same touch and feel just like any other ordinary garden. From this spacious balcony, we can see a beautiful panoramic view of the city which keeps changing over time. She says, “From this corner, I do not feel like I am living in Bangkok but in Chicago (laugh). During a special occasion, I can even see fireworks very clearly from this room.”

We asked Khun Lalisa how she started her collections after we see many of them in her condo. “It happened when I was studying overseas. I started to bid for small items first then got some pieces from the museum. When I returned to Thailand, it was a full container load. I moved them to Ayutthaya for storage. I lost a lot of my favorite collectibles during a big flood in 2011. I was so attached to them emotionally. When I looked back and somehow realized that I came to this earth alone. Eventually, I cannot take any of these collectibles with me when I die. That helps me tremendously to let go the feeling of attachment,” she tells us her story in the old days with such a beautiful conclusion.

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