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Adjunct Professor Aree Soothipunt, an artist who creates stunning artworks that reflects democratic culture, a creator of the arts that reflect democratic individualism and experience.

The Outside In Exhibition, being held at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC), introduces us to Adjunct Professor Aree Soothipunt, a National Artist of Thailand in 2012. We learn about his thoughts and perception through his arts. He shares his opinions in arts as a teacher to art students and the experiences each student get is quite a reflection of an individual.

He asks that this is a friendly conversation between an art teacher and a student. He says, “Art is born from visual experience.” It is a child-centered environment where student’s experience is the core, unlike the traditional learning where it is a teacher-centric educational style. He thinks art is science. It is an experimental process to find cause and effect in order to gain a deeper understanding and newer ideas. He explains the critical thinking concept from a simple geometry we learn at a young age, “We want students to develop critical thinking and double check that thought prior to presenting any basic idea. As an example, is it true that when three angles of any triangle are formed, the sum of measures of these three angles is equal to 180 degrees? You may think that it is not always true because only one angle of a three-dimensional triangle is already equal to 90 degrees.”

It is imperative to understand the teacher’s thought process and educational style before trying to understand his arts. He is a progressive artist who always keeps moving forward. It is the unique confluence of freedom, culture, democracy by encouraging the pursuit of innovation and change in which he discovered the real modernity, democracy, a difference of European arts through arts study. This inspired him to push the new movement of arts which celebrated critical thinking, freedom, democracy and pushed new ideas about the role of art in Thai society. This new style of art is accessible to everyone. It is simple and accessible for the public to understand. After listening to his perception, it forms an understanding of his arts (according to the writer’s perception) that his arts do not identify the person, the place or the action. Instead, he is presenting movement and emotions at the time. Brilliantly created, visitors will understand and interpret his arts differently according to their own understanding, the time and emotion when they see them.

Majority of his artworks after his return from the United States are considered experimental. He utilized a lot of art tools ranging from a credit card, a brush, a squeezy bottle, a roller, a 3-hole squeeze sauce bottle sauce bottle to show his experimental nature with art and to create creative thinking art instead of the linear thinking. COLLIWOSPA, the post-structuralism style, is the sample of his artworks by minimizing overall drawing structure and revamping the original comprehension of his art (a woman) which totally changes the signifier and the signified. It is a visual art that focuses on color, light, and space. He, in fact, creates “time” that communicates visually with the viewers. They could easily see multiple abstract nude paintings on the same piece. This technique is very much different from traditional nude painting.

Adjunct Professor Aree Soothipunt is a teacher and an artist with democratic perception who revolutionizes the art disciplines reflecting human through his experience and perception. It is not easy to describe a conclusion of a revolution and changes he makes an impact in Thai art through his long experience and experiment in the past 88 years. Any readers who are interested to learn more about his art technique, there are several groups that you can learn from through your own visual perception, brush strokes and countless critical thinking to communicate directly with nature by yourself.

(รามเกียรติ์ (2516)   เทคนิค สีน้ำมันบนผ้าใบ   ขนาด 80 x 60 cm.)



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