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Garden 3 ways

Mixed and match is still a great concept when we are considering or discovering a new way of doing something. This home garden originates from 3 different goals and results in 3 different functions which cover every functional garden space of this house.

This multifunction home garden begins from the homeowners’ preference, Khun Sutee Prayottaweekij and his wife, Khun Kruewal Aroonpaijit, who were looking for a Western-style garden to match with their Western-style home. They finally found Khun Sak from Leela Garden to create a magnificent garden for them. Some may think of an enchanting English garden at this point. It is totally an opposite outcome when a designer and homeowners share their ideas and finally result in a perfect mix of a European garden, a tropical garden, and a vegetable garden.

Here comes the first challenge for the designer. Both homeowners love Ferns and colorful flowers which are the tropical garden’s characteristics. This challenge is a starting point of a great combination.

“I want a garden that will match with Western architecture but I also love humidity and greenery of the tropical especially those Ferns. So I started to consult with my designer to come up with a tropical-inspired European garden. Khun Sak wants me to be a part of this garden by taking good care of it. We re-designed a garden to become more uniformed so it is easy to care for.”

Plant characteristics and lights are also another important factors that any designer takes into account. It is not just a beauty, uniqueness or personal preference but also a fabulous idea to mix European style plants with tropical plants.

Cat’s Claw Creeper climbs all over the fence. The pyramid-shape Chinese Juniper, Red Mexican Grass, and Roses are all blooming as if they are dancing in the sun. These are the plants that need direct sunlight so it is advisable to plant them where they can get natural sunlight directly.

Nevertheless, some tropical plants such as Peace Lily prefer a morning sun or dappled shade are planted in another corner to complete a shady area with greenery.

Due to the homeowners’ favorite activity, home cooking, a vegetable garden is also another challenge a designer has to deal with. Khun Sak is using the left wing of this house to plant a vegetable garden with plant layering concept to eliminate space limitation.

“My wife dearly loves this vegetable garden. We normally cook at home, both Thai and Western dishes, so our garden comprises of rosemary, dill, chili, culantro, basil as well as pandan leaves because we also love making sweets and dessert. We just made pandan coconut sweet pudding not very long ago. After cooking, we love to dine at a pavilion, near a fountain, in our European-Tropical garden. It is really the happiest moment we often have in our family,” Khun Sutee tells us with a smile on his face.

A balanced mix of these 3 gardens encourages this family to spend time together outside and not just sitting inside the house. Every corner of this garden is filled with greenery perfection and benefits for every family member to enjoy and experience a different atmosphere together any day at any time.

More Detail

Hardscaping design, such as a European fountain, deer sculptures or a stone carpet near the fountain, enhances look and feel of the European design. It also reduces a turf or greenery space which make it very easy to care for.



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