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Dream House

“Everyone has a dream home, right?” This house is built from a dream of someone whose Sino-Portuguese design idea comes from the exploration of several places for over 4 years.

The Beginning

This house is once a 2-story twin home with the same structure and design like any other homes in the neighborhood within the same housing development. This is the first house that Khun Nok – Santi Inthakat bought using his own savings. He has been living here for over 10 years and would like to renovate it into a dream house. In 2014, he started to do some research and enrolled himself in some short designing programs. He then made contact with architects about updating this contemporary twin home into a classical Sino-Portuguese style.


The design idea is inspired by many beautiful Sino-Portuguese architectures he visited. His childhood memories also play a big role. He had lived in a Chinese community, outside of Bangkok, when he was young and familiarized himself with the Sino-Portuguese architectures. A distinctive and eye-catching tall door design, the unique both inner and outer functions, an arched entryway, and its Chinese style balustrades made him fall in love with its architectural design and become his renovation inspiration.


 New Look

In order to accommodate a new layout, he had to tear almost everything down except for the column and beam construction. The remodel also includes additional space such as a garden where he prefers it to be a special corner for the family. Everyone will be enjoying reaping the benefits this greenery brings from every corner of this house. This fabulous home is truly a relaxing heaven that identifies the homeowner’s characteristics through a beautiful design.


Khun Nok had appointed Khun Tea – Teekawat Veerasettakul from Teek Interior Design Co.,Ltd. to work on this project. The challenge is to design this house in Sino-Portuguese style using white, black and brown which create a beautiful contrast with blue scheme in the bedroom. Core materials are concrete and teakwood. A communication between the homeowner and the designer is heavily engaged. Also, the knowledge he earned from the design courses he enrolled previously allows him to incorporate them with his favorite design which results in this amazing home.

His favorite area is a spacious living room. The beautiful white brick walls add a subtle accent to this amazing room. The Chinese style partitions are perfectly designed to divide a living room and a modern English kitchen.


Khun Nok says, “Every space in this house is very functional.” This 2-story home features 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. A black gallery walk is a hallway on the lower level that leads to a spacious living room overlooking the outdoor garden for homeowners to enjoy its natural surroundings. A white piano in a corner perfectly blends in this lovely zone. Living zone is on the upper level. An easy access teak built-in cabinetry on the 2nd floor is spacious enough to tighten up the area when needed. Beyond this area is a connected hallway leading to the bedroom.



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