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COLLECTOR HOTEL The Sukosol Bangkok

Travelling is a priceless reward, getting a souvenir for ourselves is an endless happiness and an unforgettable memory to share with people for so long.

The Sukosol Bangkok is located on Si Ayutthaya Road, Phaya Thai Sub-District, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok. From the outside, it may look the same as other 5 stars hotel in town but when you get a chance to explore the inside, you will experience the utmost convenience due to its vicinity to public transportations such as the airport rail link and BTS sky train’s Phaya Thai station and surrounded by many tourist attractions such as Siam Square, Central World, MBK, Jim Thompson house and, last but not the least, Chaophaya River.

The hotel offers a perfect combination of the warmest welcoming gesture that demonstrates a remarkable Thai culture (which is one of a kind and non-replaceable), the colonial architectural style interior design and the cutting-edge technology. A blend of cultural richness and intricated artworks that Khun Kamala Sukosol, the President of the Sukusol Group, whose passion is collecting artworks and antique collectibles from around the world, has been adding to her collection make this hotel stand out from another 5 stars hotel in the country.

Apart from the well-known welcome Thai smiles, many antique collectibles also make good impressions on hotel guests. “All in the same boat – Being helpful to one another” is a hidden meaning of the paddles, one of the collectibles, sought from many countries around the globe or a 2 x 8 meters plaster wall art sculpture by Kaimook Chuto, the first Thai female sculptor, in the lobby area tells a lot about magnificent Thai history in different era.

On the far right of the building is the art deco interior style bar called ‘Sapphire Bar’. The bar serves different kind of cocktail drinks and delicious tapas dishes with relaxing jazz music background. Hotel guests can choose to either chill out in the bar area or in the tropical garden pavilion while enjoying a beauty of the colonial architecture.

This replica of the 1920 bar has more than just food, beverages and music to offer, it is also an art gallery displaying many antiques and collectibles that Khun Kamala and her son, Khun Krissada Sukosol Clapp, have been collecting for a number of years. As an example, the 1930’s brown cathedral birdcage from Goa, a state in India that was colonized by Portugal. Some influences from the Portuguese era are visible in some of Goa’s art, culture and religious architecture including churches which are believed to be an origin of this magnificent bird cage.

The 1950’s hand-carved Burmese Musician/Dancer from Mae Sot, the Thailand-Burma border is another precious item here. Burma is well-known for its colonial-style architecture and decorative items which are rare to find these days. This elegant hand-carved sculpture, however, is very distinctive as the craftsman makes this sculpture looks so stunningly realistic with its funny gestures. One of the precious collectibles that Khun Noi found in Bangkok is the 1940’s Japanese Studio Camera. He has been collecting all sizes of these antique cameras. He tells us that most of the cameras in Thailand were imported by the Japanese, including this one even.

Among these treasured collectibles, his most favorite item is the 1920’s Paper Mache Mannequin from a small town church in Italy. He barely recalls the name of that small town but this mannequin is by far his most treasured possession. This exquisite piece is made from the 1900’s newspaper. It is so delicate that he was afraid to load his luggage with this very fragile item. He decided to hand carry it. Unfortunately, his wife, Khun Melanie, accidentally sat on it upon the arrival in Bangkok. He was very furious even though he knew by heart it was an accident. Thanks to the numerous years of his experience in antique collectibles, he finally found a skillful craftsman who can restore its shape to almost 100% perfection. Since then, he keeps this mannequin in a glass display case he found from France.

He shares his memory about the 1970’s Balinese Puppet he bought from Klong Tom, “I have a crush on antique fabric and tribal vintage textile so I bought this item instantly when I found it. I like this puppet so dearly because of its unique fabric and its funny facial expression.”

The Sukosol Bangkok truly recognizes the important value of arts and cultures. They set aside a spacious area nearby the Patummat Restaurant to display hundreds of antiques and treasures. Despite the love, they are willing to share the exceptionally charm beauty of these valuable collections with their hotel guests. Every piece is categorized by its generation which creates an astoundingly beautiful and balanced combination of the exquisite displays such as the classical Chinese vases, the Chinese ceramic of the Song and the Ming Dynasty, the Ban Chiang pottery, the Sangkhalok stoneware, the Benjarong Thai porcelain from Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin period. The unparalleled atmosphere of museum-quality collections makes us feel as though we are in the art museum for a moment.

The Sukosol Bangkok’s 500+ rooms and suites feature 6 room types. Deluxe Room offers a perfect mix of Thai aesthetics décor, Premier Room, the spacious 38 square meters Executive Room overlooking the panoramic city views, the Premier Family Room for the whole family’s relaxation and complete comfort, the Siam Suites and the Sukosol Suites feature an array of amenities and exclusive benefits. The Sukosol is no ordinary hotel. Because of an enclave of comfort and incredibly unique style, the hotel always sees so many delightful repeater guests.

One of the reasons is not the promotional deals, but the management team is delivering arts and cultural vision and appreciation recognizing the impact arts and cultures make in terms of happiness and how important they are in human’s life.



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