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The memories of Harmony house สุขเรียบง่าย ในกล่องแห่งความทรงจำ

Today, we are going to introduce the homeowner of this beautiful house to our readers. He precisely defines ‘Home’ as the ‘Happiness’. A short but meaningful definition. Khun Pairote Cheunkrut, Head of Krungsri Auto Group, Bank of Ayudhya PCL, who believes that happiness comes from positive attitude and simple lifestyle.

Ordinary But No Ordinary
Head of Krungsri Auto Group welcome us with smiles and friendly tone of voice during our first met for an interview. As a boss who control over 5,000 staff, both domestic and international branches, his easy-going personality is quite an unexpected surprise. He is one of the Executives we would like to find out what makes him a balanced life and how he finds his daily happiness despite a heap of pressure, stress, expectation, and challenges he faces each day.

Work-Life Balance “The most important thing to manage challenges on a daily basis is prioritization, time management, teamwork relationship so everyone can move forward together. We focus heavily on leadership and positive thinking. That means every staff can become a leader and should have always possessed a positive attitude. It is not an easy thing to do but it is definitely possible because every staff member has the same direction and objective. Whenever work flows, it automatically balances our life because we have more time. Happiness happens very easily after this,”Khun Pairote tells us with a smile on his face which transfer a positive energy to us as well.

Happiness = Home
Everybody has a small thing can make us smile. For Khun Pairote , home is his smiles and happiness. It is the first place he thinks of after work. It gives him comfort where he can lay his weary head down and many other feelings that make him realized how much a home means to him. “I have several homes. Each home has different objective. A central home, which I mostly live at, a vacation home, and a home that is equipped with every possible function that fulfills all of my needs. This house combines all of my expectation that I have in another house. It is so full of bonding story and memory between my parents and myself,” says Khun Pairote. Thai Villa in the City

This 100 square wah Thai villa in the middle of the city is a house more than a home he refers to. It is a perfect size, neither too big nor too small. Even though this is not his first home, he has a strong bond connection with this house, love it and proud of it. “The very first reason I bought this house 5 years ago is I love its location, its size and it also meets my lifestyle. The original wooden structure of this house is pretty weak and decayed. A lower level is built on a concrete structure while the upper level is built according to Thai villa style with a traditional gable roof. My first thought is to tear it all down and rebuild from the ground up but after a second visit with an architect friend, I can see more detail and learned that this is the traditional central Thai villa with elevated columns. The original owner brought this house from Ratchaburi. It was an inherited property from a grandmother generation. No one was living there for over 10 years so it shows the sign of deterioration on the exteriors. Every single piece of wood on the interiors still look perfectly beautiful and in great condition. I just then decided to keep this house and planned to do a remodel.”

Creative Renovation
A space underneath the elevated house is the most challenging task for this renovation. After tearing down an existing concrete structure, the inward leaning columns, which are traditional Thai house structure, are the only things that support the whole house. In order to give contemporary accent to this house, a designer needs to add modernity to the design and allows natural mood and tone to naturally harmonize the structures from 2 different periods.

“In order to maximize this space, my architect friend and I think that we need to build a square shape structure here and make sure it should stand various climate conditions in Thailand such as strong heat, wind, rain or even mosquitos. This square shape structure does not and will not cover the wood parts or even exterior wooden columns because we want to show beautiful characteristics of this house.”
“The square shape structure has permanent glass windows with largely horizontal modern style black aluminum pockets installed all around to allow natural sunlight and to be able to see a scenic view of the outside through these large windows as if there are no glasses on them. They make the room looks bigger too.”


More detail
The biggest problem of a wooden home is termites. In order to protect our home against termites, choosing a solid wood to build a home or furniture and moisture prevention are the key. During monsoon season, a repetitive inspection is required.


“As for the blinds, my wife decided to use the shades instead of curtains due to its flexible functionality that can be rolled up completely to get a direct sunlight or can be rolled down completely to block sunlight or even just a partial closure. More importantly, shades are much easier to maintain and dust-free.”

“The upper level has 2 bedrooms. There is also a balcony inside the house. It is pretty transparent and breezy as there are some windows that we can open to allow both light and wind to travel through. These are traditional style windows with double awning and original balustrades. We did not remodel much on this floor because the original woods, including flooring and wall sidings, are still in perfect condition. What we did was to repair and refinish to give them a newer look. We also double coated the wood to help close the wood gaps on the floor and wall sidings. We installed clear acrylics on the window pockets to keep mosquitos away and installed air-conditioners in both bedrooms.”



All of our emotional memories and happiness are created by a place like home. It should be functional and relate to our lifestyle. It is not just a house but our life –Khun Pairote Cheunkrut.



Memory Box
Khun Pairote did his own interior layout and design by optimizing less for more or minimalism concept. It is decorated with fewer pieces of furniture but very useful and functional because he does not live in this house all the time. It is more for relaxation or use as a reception spot for visiting friends, including but not limited to, meetings, after-work party or welcoming important partners from overseas. Often times, he just stops by to just take a deep breath and relax after long hours at work before heading home because this house is very quiet and peaceful. You can hear singing birds and crickets. It is pretty much a place for natural therapy.
“Stopping by this house for a couple of hours really make me happy. I feel like my energy is fully recharged here. I can isolate myself from a chaotic environment to enjoy simplicity of life. This is also true for everyone in my family because they also love stopping by. I have multiple occasions to welcome people from work here as well. Sometimes for a meeting or work discussion, sometimes just for having a simple dinner together or perhaps cooking very easy barbeque food.”

“Lower level, however, is designed to have an extended Thai style kitchen. A counter made of red bricks is used to separate a living room from a dining room but they are still connected somehow through a large Chinese style glass wooden door which makes it easy to open and close. A kitchen has an inviting Italian look with beautiful patterns. A living room and a dining room utilizes the same big space and uses white and brown to match with one another color.“I set up 2 large dining tables, each can accommodate 7-8 seaters. I also put a large sofa bed and a set of rattan furniture not very far from them. A bedroom is on the 2nd floor. It has a couple of loose furniture. One is a rattan bed and another one is a vanity set. Both belong to my parents. I move those 2 pieces here after they passed away. They match pretty well with the look and feel of this wooden home. Most importantly, they are invaluable and full of memories.”

“There are some other furniture and decorative items that I have a strong bonding with. It started with a couple of keepsakes, both new pieces, and antiques, then became my collectibles collection. This Thai style home is eventually filled with woodworks and paintings. These bring back my memories, a passage to an older time, that can make me smile,” he talks while giving us a tour of this house.


Make Life Simple
Because we are happy when we do not have to chase for things. Life is not always beautiful so what makes life simple could be a small thing we can do whenever we want and wherever we can to isolate ourselves from chaotic atmosphere and complexity in life. It could simply mean spending more time with nature, arts, friends or partying with friends or cooking with family or even doing nothing at all. The end result of letting everything go, letting our mind flows and allowing time to pass us by slowly is what we define it as happiness.

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