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Unique One ตัวตนบนพื้นที่รูปตัวยู

“Beauty is an individual preference. There are no set rules to define it. When building a house, it definitely has to be a reflection of my personality,” says Khun Ran Thanawatcharakorn, the manager of T2 Development, who wants to build as a reward for his hard-working for over 10 years. It is fascinating that each square inch of this house reflects the inner spirits and every emotion of his soul.

A 240 square wah U-shaped modern home with flat room features a courtyard inground L-shaped swimming pool which can be viewed from every spot in the house. An oversize front wall features 3.20 meter in height. These gorgeous walls are made of tempered glass instead of concrete to create open spaces and make them visually connected. It is his preference to have open, clear living spaces as usually seen in a country home or a hotel.
“It has to be what I like when it comes down to building a house. The house should answer all of my needs. So I adapted all of the designs I like to build this house in order to reflect my personality. I designed this house by myself as I own a home builder business and I have a team of experienced engineers for infrastructure and safety consultation.”

The interiors are a mixture of glasses and marbles, a great combination of modern and classical style. This house shows a lot of modern contemporary touch because of its decorations that have been traveling through time. They are full of delicate detail such as the swirls in marble look just perfectly match with a square structure or old paintings from different periods help soften the house and make it looks so much livelier.

The house looks somewhat like an art gallery as there are many painting styles used for decoration such as Cubism or Realism. These artworks stunningly show the high and low of each period. The biggest piece is the waterfall and the horse paintings on the lower level and in the hallway on the upper level between left and right wing. Each of these painting measures 1.50 x 2.40 meter and both can be seen from the outside.

The whole house is painted in white, grey and black which are the homeowner’s favorite colors and harmonizes color tone with matching marbles or marble-like tiles to enhance an elegant look. These materials also help transfer the heat better than wood or carpet so they feel cool most of the time when stepping on them.

A living room is the homeowner’s favorite room. It is designed to work around geometric shape by using tempered glass panels to make a 90-degree angle and match with the arch of a circle in order to enhance the beauty of the furniture. The homeowner designed this piece of furniture so its look matches with the house.

Another highlight is the spiral staircase made of marble in the living room. This staircase connects the first and the upper floor together which perfectly match with the swimming pool. For safety purpose, there is also a regular staircase to help elders and kids near the kitchen.

It is so true that when things come out of our personality, they often times are always unique. Similar to the bed that Khun Ran designs. He was inspired by one of the sci-fi movies in outer space. His bed looks like a bed from the future we might have pictured. Another spot where everyone in the family can enjoy together is the saline swimming pool. It features a differing depth to accommodate kids and adults as he wants this house to be a home for every generation. “A home means so much to me. It is a place I can be myself. Every design of the house should then comes from within. I love the fact that we all can spend time with our beloved people. My world just gets better when I wake up in the morning and see my children in the swimming pool or run around the house with big smiles.”



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By Oom, 14/05/2018
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