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Beauty of Functional ตอบทุกโจทย์ของชีวิตด้วยความงามอย่างสุนทรียะ

Either for a home or a condominium decoration, functionality and beauty are the most crucial factor to keep in mind. This duplex condominium in the middle of Silom area is the best example of the above statement. This room owned by Khun Air – Kanollus Wongisariyakul, Deputy Managing Director of Winner Group Enterprise, who pays every attention to detail in interior design and works with her designers to make this room customizable and adjustable. “Any details that need fix will need to get done during a design process, not during a construction process to avoid last-minute change, is pretty much my strategy in working with designers. There could be minor changes like adding my favorite color tone but everything else should be handed prior to that by the designers as I do not have their expertise. I firmly believe that we need to communicate, have an open discussion and exchange ideas would make a working relationship with the designers so much fun. I believe in their expertise, they also have to believe in my opinions. Overall outcome will be no less than fabulous when this happens,” she explains her experience in working with the designer team.


This 183 square meter duplex is separated into the public area for guests which comprises of kitchen, living room and dining room. This area features a fantastic city view and a panoramic view overlooking the Chaophraya River. The space is mostly in white giving the room some warmth as if it was a house. Another area is the family’s private zone which is designed according to each family member’s personality and character. The one thing she requests her designer is to design a home theatre room, for her father to relax after work, in a dark color tone while having a leather furniture that helps tone down the look so everyone in the family can share the space without getting bored. Another challenge for her designer is the kitchen area. Cooking is her favorite activity so the kitchen is redesigned to look more luxury with white marble top and changed the cabinets to become more functional for every usage.

Adding colored wall panels, crown moldings, and jazzing up the look with silver and gold metallic chandelier help maintain a luxury modern classic style of this duplex. Industrial lamps are also used to make the spaces look more modern. All upholstered furniture is wrapped in sumptuous fabric from Chanintr and Katherine Brown to add extra homey touch. The selection of the colorful greenish blue sofa adds a high contrast with the cream color tone of the room and definitely makes an impression in this living space. More importantly, ceiling fans are carefully handpicked to match overall character of this room.

“Thai people do not have the air conditioner runs 24/7. This room is also on the top floor of the building with a lot of wind flowing through all the time, I think it is unnecessary to turn on air conditioner. If I was not aware of the air ventilation, we might have to use portable fans when we move here which are definitely out of the world as they do not match the overall space. So I prefer some great designed fans from the beginning. They also offer very functional features using just a remote control. Not to worry about electrical plugs. No extension cords needed and they also have a higher wind speed,” she explains why she prefer ceiling fans.

Even though she has yet lived in this condominium, her attention to detail about everything in this room helps her plan how to decorate this family’s second home to match her family’s lifestyle. “A house should be comfortable, functional and beautiful. Functionality and aesthetics are of equal importance. A beautiful home without functionality is sloppy and does not last long. We can live only temporarily in that type of house.

A house that is full of every possible function but lacks aesthetic appearance could cause a nightmare to a living. Therefore, both functionality and aesthetic should come together to make a complete home,” says Khun Air about a definition of her home.

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By Oom, 14/05/2018
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