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Because Thai families are closed and several generations usually live in the same house, it is crucial to balance the lifestyles of different generations when designing both interior and exterior appearance of a house.

This house is located adjacent to a golf course and surrounded by empty lots. Often time, there may be some uninvited animals like snakes, centipedes, or even water motors found in the yard. This brings cautions to the family especially when there are aging parents and a 7-year old son living in the same house. They most likely enjoy the garden during dawn and dusk. To address his concern, Khun Todd – Pongsin Prueksamas, finally decided to revamp the previous Bali style garden into a cleaner look of the Japanese garden that is quite low maintenance.

Khun Todd explains that a Japanese garden is pure, clear harmony and peace without major elements that cause insects or reptiles to pose a health threat to humans. Another reason he is so fascinated by the beauty of the Eastern Country garden because he and his family once visit and prefer to have the same beauty at home to remind them of relaxation while they were traveling.

“I challenged my designer to create a clear, clean, pure and peaceful garden. I personally fall in love with Japanese garden as it looks peaceful. It makes me relaxed all the time. Also, it is clean and clear which is very suitable for a family with elders and kids. Because there are dangerous habitats such as snakes, water monitors and centipedes living nearby my house, it is best to keep the garden clean and clear from them or else just have a clear area that we can escape from them when needed.”

Over a 100 years old Black Pine, imported directly from Japan, is the main tree of this enchanted Japan garden. It matches very well with black natural stone pavers which are excellent, durable outdoor material which also offers non-slip surface and weather resistant. Along the walkway is filled up with gravel and rocks covered in moss.

“Caring for moss is all about having a consistent source of ambient moisture. We need to know which direction gets direct sunlight and which one does not. Then we need to adjust the amount the water it needs. For example, only a bit of mist would work in the morning while it needs more water and more frequently in the afternoon because the heat is quite strong. When we know how to nurture moss correctly, it will grow very beautifully the way we expect it to be.”

Wherever has soil, has water. The designer comes up with a pavilion adjacent to the Koi pond. It is a great spot to stay very close to nature, relax leisurely, feed the fishes and watch them swim, feel the mist from the waterfalls or just listen to the sound of the water.

“Garden is an impeccable part of the perfect home. A dazzling garden would even affect people living in the house. Calm, happiness will be the flowing energy throughout the house. My parents love to exercise in the morning, water and trim these trees. These simple activities energize them as they love to plant. Gardening is now a hobby that everyone in the family enjoys as it connects us and makes us feel attached to the house.”

A perfect garden does not only give greenery but a great family time that everyone helps to nurture, watch it grow together and have a strong family bond.

More Detail

Small leave tree such as black pine, yellow wood, willow or bamboo, are popular trees to use in the Japanese garden. These trees are non-bushy. They allow breezy air to flow and provide natural sunlight to the shrubs beneath them.



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