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Idealistic Universe

A series of dot pattern carefully crafted with color powdered on a canvas, using the artist’s emotion to create a phenomenal set of lines and shapes, is very fascinating as if they can seize the moment and crawl into our mind to communicate with our inner peace.

Dots, empty space, white and black are all basic elements that empower human’s thoughts and complex sensibilities. A continuity of multiple dots represents restless mind because stopping the racing thought is the most difficult thing for humans to achieve. This phenomenal art belongs to Khun Bomb or Sittiphon Lochaisong, the artist who chooses to use white color powder and stencils on the black canvas to communicate with his inner clam that creates a perfectly beautiful piece of art and craftfully shapes his own style. He explains the concept of emotion reflection, “I am always curious to find out what happiness is about or what life really needs from us and I found out that a life simply needs happiness. People can create their own happiness from within, without any materials. When we do that, we become much happier with life.”

He developed his curiosity about people’s mind when he took the Thai Art class which depicts heaven and hell in Traibhumikatha. “Happiness could be our heaven while the fire in our mind could be hell. Instead of drawing angels and their place in heaven which is symbolic, I describe a rhythmic feel of emotion. You can notice a squeeze, a release, a soft or thin stroke in my art. These are emotions, either a heavenly or dreadful one, carried in our mind,” he explains the concept of his art.

Developed from his heaven and hell concept, he creates a collection of his artwork called “Idealistic Universe”. It depicts 2 different universes, the inner and the outer one that being combined together. He noticed that people always seek learning and understanding about many other things but themselves. He questions how people can control themselves or learn about their inner self or about their ideal universe and how they can manage them. He found the answer to his own question. It is just about a balanced life. “Through my artwork, I cannot tell people what their balanced life is but themselves. Everyone is different. Different people have different priorities. Their balance in life is never the same. Even timing also plays a huge role. Our balance today may not be the same as our balance in the past or the next 3 years ahead,” he explains the truth of human nature pertaining to a balanced life concept.

“Art is a perfect combination of beauty and ugliness. A beautiful vs a charming woman can be a good analogy here. A charming lady may not look stunningly beautiful but she possesses a perfect combination. She may have a beautiful nose or perhaps her overall appearance makes her look very charmingly beautiful. That is what my artwork looks like as well. I have fainted dots, heavy dots, and many imperfect shape of dots on my paints and the final appearance looks quite well-balanced when combining all of these imperfect elements,” he concludes his conversation beautifully. It is now inarguably as to why he is an outstanding young generation and why this young artist’s work is selected for a solo exhibition in Milan, Italy. A saying is true about the work of arts may be hard to interpret but to be appreciated.




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By Oom, 03/05/2018
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