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Home extension, home decoration and home improvement always come hand in hand when we are also “building a family”. A typical family begins with a couple to a complete family including children. A house is no longer a living space but a customizable space that could accommodate the lifestyles of everyone in the family

The Beginning

A good news about a new bundle of joy is the reason behind this home improvement. A lovely couple and the homeowners of this unique design home, Khun Fee – Maliwan Sripien and Khun Book – Chanon Sripien, understand the importance of creating a private space for their children. They decide to update an empty space nearby the garage into bedrooms for their son and daughter including a family room. It is their intention to make this extension a different and unique design from the existing home to reflect their personality and character.


Khun A – Wattana Kowattanaporn from Abalance Interior Design took over the homeowners’ inspiration and turned them into reality. Space looks unique and is customizable for any future updates. It shows coziness, relaxation, and warmth of the Western touch which is the homeowner’s favorite style. It also features the homeowners’ collectibles which are polished decorative items, animal figure models, classic furniture.

New look

The existing home is a 2-story modern home with an attached garage. There is quite a space left on top of the garage plus there is another unused bedroom on the upper level, the homeowners decided to update these 2 spaces into a family room and 1 bedroom each for their son and their youngest daughter. This is over 190 square meter space which is intended to have a completely different appearance from the main house, which is mainly in black and white, by using a dark and a bright color tone.

The boy’s bedroom is so unique and feels like living on a different planet. A dark green is perfectly paired with black and grey plaid wallpapers decorated with a classic teakwood bed as well as a perfect combination of built-in cabinets and shelves. The room undoubtedly gives a manly touch and feel. On the other side, the girl’s bedroom uses pink and white to show a soft, a charming and sweet touch. Crown molding on ceiling and walls make the room more fascinating as if a room for a princess in the fairy tale.


The design is completely different than many other houses out there. It harmonizes every space. The interior designer uses premium materials such as marble, teakwood, artworks of the well-known artist and imported furniture that provides a Western touch to enhance an open space setting. A family room is also designed in a darker green color tone in combination with luxurious decorative items, as if they are living in a chic art gallery, to depict a stylish and tasteful of the homeowners that truly reflect their fashionable personality.


The hallway connects a family room with children’s bedrooms and is painted in a totally different color to clearly specify each area. The designer also designs a private bathroom and a walk-in closet to accommodate both children’s need when they become teenagers who normally prefer a privacy. The room is also designed to be customizable in case they want to move things around. Other than a bigger living space, this home improvement also allows the family to stay close to one another as well.



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