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Among a flood of changes in the heart of Bangkok, Dusit Thani Hotel is the only thing that stands still in this civilized city for almost a century welcoming their guests to feel the warmth of Thai cultures no matter what happens. Changes have finally made this hotel come to the end of the road while its name shall remain a legend in Thai history.


Dusit Thani is a 22-story building hotel built on a 19-Rais located in the corner of Silom Road. Its long history has been a part of Thailand for more than 48 years. It was established in 1970 by Thanpuying Chanut Piyaoui whose dream is to own a hotel. It is designed by Kanko Kikaku Sekeisha Company and constructed by Obayashi Company. Back in the old day, Thailand never had any high-rise buildings, therefore, Japanese companies had been appointed.

The hotel name carries two special connotations. First of all, Dusit is the mythological name for the fourth of the seven levels of heaven. Secondly, King Rama VI, whose statue is currently located right across the street, had an intention to form a model city for democratic society by taking the name adding “Thani,” meaning “Town” in Thai. When combining, the name of Dusit Thani means “Town in Heaven”.

The hotel presents the concept of Thai hospitality through building design. The very top of the building echoes traditional Thai pagoda. The main hotel concept is a blended Western and Thai influences. Therefore, the interior design exemplifies genuine Thai artwork, Silk, and Teakwood while the facilities and amenities surpass the highest expectations of modern deluxe hospitality in comparison with other hotels in town.

The lobby area, where guests are welcomed is located in a low rise building, showcases classical Thai motifs, natural light from windows, unique lotus shape ceilings as if there are some floating lotuses when we look up.

Heading to the lower level, from a lobby, is where shopping area and various services are located at. A terrace with an ambiance of a lush landscaped garden, a water feature and a koi pond sitting outside Benjarong Restaurant, a Thai restaurant serving a contemporary dishes using a combination of modern technique and traditional flavor.

Enhance your experience in the elegant Thai décor and furnishings made of silk and teakwood in one of the 517 guest rooms and suites. Starting with the Superior room, Dusit Club room and the Suites, the Majesty Suite as well as the Thai Heritage Suite. Each Suite is named after 4 different ancient cities, Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Lanna and Lopburi and also offers a unique accommodation decorated with beautiful Thai accents including the decor that echoes the historic kingdoms of Thailand such as painting, photos, ancient chinaware, etc.

Such an extravaganza experience of Thai heritage is about to come to an end. The changes are going to turn this historic hotel into an integrated property in order to keep up with current society’s lifestyle. January 5th, 2019 is marked the last operation day of this long history hotel on Silom Road while its legendary remains.



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