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The Street Hunter

Most of the graffiti arts always start out on the street. Some may chase for power, wealth, ranking, or glory. The street artists prefer chasing dreams to those things. Dreams may not be valuable to some people, but they offer an artist the mental value and often times can drive social impact through creativity on the walls.

Top or Khun Tatchakorn Sirawatcharadech is also known as Jecks BKK (pronounced as Jecks B-K-K). This name has a meaning of Chinese root. It may not sound very nicely as it could mean discrimination, but it sounds very perfectly as an artist’s nickname. His journey as a graffiti artist is no different than anybody else, which is ‘Paint. Get cursed. Get discouraged.’ He somehow continues to choose street art as a way of life to promote the discovery of his innate creative potential through painting.

“Street Arts express the truth,” he explains the meaning of graffiti and his style of work. “I started with colorful scheme then expanded into a monotone scheme. It was then developed into earth tone which is clear and precise to describe the tribal people. I do realistic arts since I was in college, so I decided to use earth tone in my work, which is more real than the colorful ones.”


The characters seen in his arts are derived from years of work experiences which portrait humans in general. “Everybody is basically a hunter. We hunt for money, dreams, title position, and everything that makes us happy. We are not different from those tribal people living in the wood hunting for a living, but basically, we are living in the city.” He believes that humans have raw instinct telling us to hunt or to be hunted, which turn into his core concept.

He combines his work concept and the characters which are renaissance inspired, the tribal people on their vehicles readily chasing their freedom. Commonly, the street is where freedom for arts emerged. It is the arts for art lovers and is not necessarily limited to the walls only. When asked, he explains that there is no descriptive description in his arts. “We are in the era in which arts are not defined. Differences are pretty much in design and the viewers’ perspective.”

For a chaser like Jecks, he concludes, “I have a dream. Everyone usually has a dream of what their future is going to look like. I will keep on chasing mine while I still can.” In short, he is the artist who lives his life chasing on his dreams and freedom through a meaningful spray painting.


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By Oom, 01/05/2018
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