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When you are traveling, a definition of ‘happiness’ does not only depict life experiences gained from each location but each minute spent with family and friends at private gatherings.

If you were travelers looking for a luxurious modern style resort to spend your time with family and friends during a summer weekend, ITZ Time To RESORT AND PARTY VENUE HUAHIN, located in Tambol Tabtai, Hua Hin, Prachuab Kirikhan, is one of the perfect choices that could make your time a special and perfect moment.

Itz Time to Resort and Party Venue Huahin is a combination concept of a vacation home and a hotel because of the comfortability and a high level of privacy they offer to their guests make them stand apart from another hotel. The feeling of staying here is not different from staying at home. More importantly, their outstanding care culture in every detail about their guests is going to make your vacation a perfect one.

An excellent breakfast menu, a fabulous barbecue set menu, an affordable seafood party, even their standard services that are just right yet retain their guests’ privacy, or their friendliness culture are some examples to reflect their perfection. Itz Time to Huahin is by far the only hotel that accommodates all necessities for family with young children. It is the most outstanding service that absolutely set them apart.

“Itz Time to Resort and Party Venue Huahin is our new service line with an intention to fill the gap where other hotels cannot fulfill. Huahin differs from other locations such as Pattaya, Phuket or Samui. It is well-known as a destination location mainly for family due to the serenity and its vicinity to Bangkok. It is also a preferred location where family or long-lost friends choose to spend time together. More importantly, there is no single hotel in the area that can meet the needs of this target group. We then thought about a 279-299 square meters 3-bedroom pool villa for hotel guests with families and friends who love to do fun activities like a private pool party or mini-concert theme in a spacious private house without any restriction,” says a young developer, Khun Chayapol Hunrungroj, CEO of Altitude Development, Co., Ltd.

“The only reason behind a construction of these 22, 3-bedroom houses is all about branding. The hotel is trying to stay on top of guests mind as a party place because it is the only hotel in the area that guests can throw a family party, a graduation party, a reunion, a company outing, or even a dealership rally party. These 22 houses, 66 guest rooms can accommodate a maximum of 120 people at the same time”

Apart from the happiness and the privacy offering at Itz Time to Resort and Party Venue, its generous spaces are very functional. Every selected interior and landscape design detail within this hotel is very well thought out and meaningful. This is so outstanding that they always welcome guests from around the world, Thais and foreigners, who fall in love with the charm of Huahin, its beaches and relaxing ocean wind, and to spend precious time with their beloved friends and family.




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By Oom, 01/05/2018
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