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Forever Evergreen Forest

A beam of sunlight shining through big and small leaves, a panel of trees is a protective wall guarding people under the roof from the outside world. A soothing sound of water feature and a cool air effect transpired by these beautiful trees just replace the city’s chaotic sound. This place is perfectly embraced by the beautiful nature surrounding.

This 200+ square meters home garden was damaged from a big flood years ago. The homeowner, Khun Nott – Nattapol Jiemburaset, decided to redo the entire landscaping. He chose the Tropical Rainforest style as a spot where his family can peacefully enjoy the time together. The design mimics the humidity and the density of lofty broad-leaved evergreen trees. A majority is evergreen, tropical plants. Therefore, various species of Ferns are selected to fill the space in this garden. The beautiful appearance of Fern fronds and its reproductive structure are distinctive. They are low maintenance plants and very easy to care for. Other than that, they need high humidity. Just a perfect match for this garden style.

“I love waterfall and forest so much that I challenged my landscaping designer to create a humid garden with a small pond where I can see water feature and plants from every corner of the house. So he designed the waterfall and a small stream to align with the house and replace windows with a large glass panel to get closer to nature in my house,” says Khun Nott.

His landscaping designer uses pumice stones around the waterfall because of its porous structure. They can hold moisture and nutrients which are crucial for ferns. He also uses Spike Moss to cover the ground instead of sod because it can grow higher than 20 centimeters and its scale-leaves add an extra dimension to the garden as they form very beautiful natural layers. On top of this, he adds Australia Tree Fern or Rough Tree Fern to the mix planted around the pond. Its gorgeous feather-shaped leaves just miraculously soften overall hardscaping.

There is another challenge for his designer. Khun Nott has some existing mature trees that he would like to keep as they have some sentimental value to the whole family such as Cannonball Tree, or his father’s Indian Oak. These mature trees provide a wealth of shade and also protect Ferns from getting too much sunlight.

Wood and natural stones are two main materials for hardscaping. They undoubtedly harmonize overall appearances such as the bridge over a small stream which is upcycled from railroad ties or large stepping stones along the stream that leading its way to a wooden pavilion where he and his family love spending their time at.

Moisture and humidity are key ingredients for this fantastic garden to stay in good condition at all time. These plants need deep watering they crave. Getting water down to the roots and the leaves should be moist most of the time. Water magically stimulate both the absorption rate and photosynthesis process. It is a requirement to give them consistent humidity by watering them in the morning, before noon and before dusk so natural sunlight helps with evaporation process and also remove any excess moisture that could drown the roots. During monsoon and winter season, it is advisable to decrease water schedule to 1-2 times per day.

“Though rainforest needs very little maintenance yet it needs some attention so it can stay and grow evergreen. Every time when my parents or myself step into this garden, either to water these plants or to keep the garden clean, we feel like we were healed by nature. It relieves us from a job burnout and protects us from congested traffic, heat and air pollution.”

Homeowners somehow are connecting with plants. The evergreen rainforest never turns colors as if it is a promising word that nature shall take good care of us as long as we take good care of our mother nature.

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Fern loves humidity and the clean water. In summertime, tap water should be stored overnight to cool the temperature down. Any old or infected leaves should be eliminated immediately to prevent a spread..



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