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Let’s fill our lung with oxygen through the journey that Khun Wit – Suwit Vanichvoranun is going to take us diving down into a deep ocean via his imagination of the artful aquascape. His craft of arranging aquatic plants, rocks, and microorganisms together with various types of aquatic animal species make the aquarium looks like a real underwater landscape.

Khun Wit admits that he falls deeply in love with aquatic animals since he was young. He started his journey with Molly and Guppy fish. As he is getting older, he still keeps pursuing his own aquascape dream, even though he did not graduate from any nature-related or aquatic animals program. He is a completely self-learner through his passion which guided him to a competition and he won the first prize of the national aquascaping contest during his second attempt. His journey as an aquascaper has emerged since then.

We can sense happiness in his voice when he tells us about the art of aquascaping and its enchantment that, by crafting underwater gardening,  it always brings back his cherished memories about some particular places such as waterfalls, mountains or the ocean.

There are 4 styles he frequently uses. First of all, Nature Style which mimics natural landscapes the most by using driftwoods and green plants. Next is the Dutch style which emphasizes multiple types of plants having diverse leaf colors of different height and hardscaping layout. The next style is Iwagumi style where stones play a leading role which sets rules governing carefully selected stones and focuses on transience and minimalism as sources of beauty. Lastly, the Landscape style, the most popular style that seeks to recreate various terrestrial landscapes—mountains, waterfalls, and so on.  It features the use of spikey Moss to create a hilly landscape and various small aquarium inhabitants such as Cardinal or Neon fishes portraying birds flying above the mountain sky.

Other than fishes, other inhabitants that can also be used in aquascaping in order to form a well-balanced ecosystem are Yamato shrimp, Horned Nerite Snail who is known as a moss cleaner, or Yellow Puffer who helps control the number of snail population.  This is a thriving self-sustaining biological ecosystem that makes a complex relationship among the creatures look so simple which leads to a reduced rate of medication used that may harm those creatures.

Another important factor for the inhabitants and plants in the aquarium is lighting. The amount of light should be just right, not too much and not too low, to maintain water temperature at 25-27 degree Celsius at all time. It is also an important factor for water plants to execute photosynthesis process. Khun Wit recommends that the light should be on for 8 hours a day. In the event that the aquarium tank is in direct sunlight contact, the amount of light should be reduced by elevating the lighting system for 30 centimeters and the Co2 should also be increased. This will promote a better photosynthesis process execution. When this process is completed, the aquatic plants usually release more oxygen to benefit all of the creatures.

“We can measure how well –balanced the ecosystem in the tank is from growing plants, when their shapes are changed and we can trim or reshape them and from the increased number of fishes and shrimps. More importantly, the aquatic tank is a tangible natural asset that is set in the house which helps to embrace the greenery inside our home as well as in our hearts,”  he concludes.

The underwater world is a mysterious place full of different creatures and inhabitants waiting for a discovery. It is not surprised to see people who love to fantasize its secret beauty that is very well-hidden under the water. Current technology may not be able to discover the whole underwater world, yet we can use our imagination and remarkable memories to bring out its beauty to our residence.



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