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THE STORY สายลม และเสียงคลื่นของฤดูร้อน

The sound of buzzing wind and the sound of waves crashing on the beach is still echoing in the ears. The memories are still lingering on as if it is time to return to this white house, located on Khao Sam Muk, Chonburi, once again. The house is so white just like the white sands on the beach. It is owned by Doctor Suporn Watanyusakul and his wife,Vipakon Watanyusakul.

A friendly greeting welcoming our team by Khun Vipakorn made us feel as if we were the family friends even though this is our first time meeting with this family. She calls herself as “Mom” and we can always see a smile on her face during the whole conversation about this house.

“We did not have enough money to buy this property in the first place. I had an unexplainable dream, one day after visiting this place, that I was once a housekeeper living in this house. That dream was a set off point that made me want to own this land. We then made a decision to get a mortgage loan from a bank. We did try everything to get this house,” she tells us about the beginning that set-off more than 20 years ago when this 666 square wah property worth 17 million Baht. Its current valuation is priceless, not because of its price but its sentimental value.

This beachfront vacation home has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a swimming pool. There are three main areas inside the house. The first area comprises of a 2-story home with a family room connected to the kitchen on a lower level while the upper level showcasing the bedrooms with private bathrooms and a hallway in the center looking out at the ocean.

It would be hard to define the style of this lovely home due to the varieties of its furniture and interior decoration items which mostly selected based on whatever the homeowners love to see in their house. The house pretty much showcases its original structure and is being updated only where remodeling is necessary.

The second area is a 2-story watchtower shape structure where a storage room, once a garage, is on the lower level and the bedroom is on the upper level. Another area is an indoor swimming pool where an upper deck can be used for any family private party.

The structure of this house is updated from the old house. What makes it extraordinary is it was not built on foundation piles like any other houses but the stone foundation to hold the overall structure. It is very long lasting. There is no single cracks found in this house even after two decades. Its old structure such as awning windows, now decorated with white lace curtains, is still being maintained as in the old days. You can see the beautiful flowing flutter of filmy curtains at the window whenever the wind blows. An antique 4 posts wooden bed is also still located in the room.

The atmosphere around the house displays both small and mature trees. Plumeria trees are in the front yard while other trees are all over the area. A green lawn spreads over the entire yard leading to the beach looking so beautifully when in contrast with creamy white crystal-like sand. The feeling of the ocean summer time wind against your face, the horizontal line of the sea where the sky and earth seem to meet when looking out at the sea, the sign of a new day rising above that skyline are just gorgeously indescribable.

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By Oom, 18/04/2018
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