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Old Dream ร่องรอยความฝัน

When our dream is fulfilled, happiness is about to begin for the foreseeable future. Unarguably, this moment creates such a special atmosphere for any relaxed days in this vacation home.

This Tuscan home, inspired by the hills of Italy, is located inside the Villa Amore Huahin Project. It simply starts with a living-closer-to-nature lifestyle. The use of natural materials such as wood, stone, bricks and warm color scheme make this project stand out. Khun Kwang – Warinya Sriwattanatrakul, homeowner and the Villa Amore Project owner, always uses this house as a vacation home whenever her family and friends would like a get-together in Huahin.

The interiors showcase Industrial Farmhouse style. She goes with natural and local or easy-to-find materials to soften fine detail. They give the space a modern minimalist appearance and could be applied to Tuscan style to set this house apart from any regular house we normally see. It also matches to the natural surroundings where there are mountains and pine trees which bring out a touch of westernized accent.

This 250-square meter home uses materials such as wood, stone and brick to include an element of romance, for example, on arched windows, exterior brick walls, candle holders, interior textured walls in peachy-orange cream.

Khun Kwang prefers a spacious and comfortable area on the lower level for a family and friend get-together so it is designed to have a double space near a living room and also use 6-meter tall glass window to bring natural light into the room. The furniture is quite flexible in shape and can be adjusted into different functionality to meet and accommodate different needs.

“Furniture should be adjustable especially when a group of family and friends get together. We may need to push the sofa together so everyone can engage in the conversation or it can turn into a daybed if any senior relatives would like to take a nap here during the day. It would be more convenient for them to do so in order to avoid going up and down the stairs all the time on this 3-story townhome.”

Apart from its functionality, she perfectly fulfilled this dream since she was a kid as she always wants this house to be relaxing as much as possible no matter when she stops over from a tired and busy work week.

“In my honest opinion, we do not live in a vacation home every day. We should have what we do not normally have in our regular home. For example, I added a white bed canopy in the second-floor bedroom. It was my dream in my younger years to own a bunk bed or a bed with a canopy just like a princess in the fairy tales. I feel like I am in a different world when I sleep on them. That’s why I want a different atmosphere from what I normally see in my regular home. It is called a vacation home for a reason so we have to make it more special.”

A master bedroom is for her parents or any visiting senior relatives. However, this room gives a totally different feeling. It is more mature by using earth tone color scheme and shining gold items for decorations to give a room an extra luxurious feeling.

This vacation home is a memory box full of memories of a child and of an adult who spends time with her beloved family and friends sharing the warmth of happiness. Time seems to run slower in this vacation home. It also allows us to remember the past or pick up those fallen memories we might have accidentally left behind while we were busy with an adult life. It is a place where you can be reminded of your dream and passion when you were a kid so you can remember that little young kid in the mirror and who that kid actually is.

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By Oom, 18/04/2018
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