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LIving in Tuscany แสงแดดทอประกาย…ไอทะเลอบอุ่นให้พัดผ่าน

Spending a weekend at a vacation home, especially at sea, sometimes can strengthen the family bond as it allows the family to stay away from a day-to-day chaos and focus on one another.

The orange brick home by Cha Am beach is located just in a perfect spot as it gets in the direction of the sea breeze. It stands through the weather waiting on the owner to stop by during the weekend. Flowers in various sizes and shapes by the front door has cool down the warm color tone of this house. As soon as we walked into the house, however, we feel the warmth and fuzziness of a cottage design through white, light blue and grey color scheme that is just so perfectly matched to a warm tone of the exteriors.

The main common area on a lower level is being lowered to emphasize the importance of a living room and a dinette. The homeowner, Khun Ae – Orawan Vilathong, tells us why this area is very important, “I want this area as a relaxation spot, a family room for all type of activities we can do together. So the design should serve this only purpose.” The interior design in this area focuses on silver and wooden decorative items so every visiting guest can feel a warm touch this house is trying to pass it on to.

A dining room has the same size of the living room but has more elegant touch by using a round shaped brass wall art to decorate the room. “I choose brass as it can show some elegance in vintage style. Simple yet luxury and at the same time feeling warm because it is the main family area,” she tells us about the decoration in her dining area. She also adds a large dining table so it can accommodate every family member at the same time. Because dining is important to her, the kitchen design is very functional yet feeling a warm touch in the style as it should be.

On top of this, there is an extension on a lower level for a private living room. This room has a warm shade color such as orange and dark brown as it is strong, yet it doesn’t shout and suitable for adults. Dark brown furniture is used to harmonize the golden bronze decorative items. It is also used as a collection room for favorite collectibles. A swimming pool is just a couple steps away from this room where you can enjoy your outdoor living.

A natural light shining through a large arched window in stairwells between the lower and the upper floor lead us to the private zone. There are a total of 3 bedrooms occupied the whole space on the second floor. The master bedroom, for the homeowner and her husband, is using grey wood look planks on the walls and using white ceilings wood look planks to make interiors seem much more spacious than they are. The room is decorated with a gorgeous chandelier. Next is the guest bedroom while the last one is kid’s bedroom which is designed in white and blue tone and enhance the room with beach house décor giving the room an authentic beach feel.

Even though a visit can be made only on the weekend, after a busy week at work, this vacation home is a true family home. It is built with great design and functionality ideally for a family bonding purpose. A private residence located steps from the sea is a truly perfect location for a vacation home.

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By Oom, 18/04/2018
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