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The way of MEMORY


The stories between memories and journey of life are interected through wood sculptures and hinges have paved her way to the artist world. “Som” or Punyisa Silparassamee is a young talented female artist and the recipient of the 2014 Young Thai Artist Award in 3D Arts.


Khun Som – Punyisa Silarassamee began her art competitions when she was studying at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. She is currently presenting her work as an artist residency in which she has to space away to learn different cultures, languages, environment and obligations to accumulate her experiences, stimulate the process of critical thinking and expose to new techniques in order to continually create new art works.

“Competitions is like gathering life experiences. There are those up and down moments. We have to go through many stages and obstacles without knowing ahead of time what we need to go through but we will finally be going through,” explains Khun Som about changes in her life.

The majority of her works stemmed from her childhood memories. She revisited her memories by using various sculptural forms of hinges and wooden assemblages to represent people and things around her and let the objects tell the story.

One of the notorious work that gained her some acknowledgement is the 25-meter long dragon, her childhood Chinese dragon festival toy, made of hinges and wood which is a transformation of its paper structure into the sculptural forms.It was presented in a large scale to make an unforgettable moment for those who saw her work. This artwork is titled, “Little Things Mean A Lot.” It was later upscaled into a large 75-meters installation in the Wonderfruit under the title of “From Little Things Big Things Grow.”

One of the things she is always progressing upon a completion of each work is the concept. She conceptualizes bigger pictures in the aspectof society and cultures in order to easily communicate with people about its meaning that is expressed through art. “Beauty in arts does not really matter. In the past, the beauty of any artwork, the emotional and artistic feelings it can convey people matter the most. These days, arts are about reasoning. It just makes our works so cherishable and so valuable which means a lot more than just how beautiful they look. This is the charismatic of arts.”

As a Chinese born Thai, she has been exposing and absorbing its cultures and beliefs to create new piece of works. “I am interested in the concept of gratitude. It symbolizes goodness for Chinese people. The concept is very delicate yet so outstanding as it always emerges through many Chinese rituals especially in the immigrants community. They strictly preserve the beliefs and rituals, possibly stricter than those Chinese people themselves. What I am truly interested is the reason there are so many rituals and what they are actually for. This is what I am trying to get at now.” For Khun Som, arts is not about how great the techniques are but an artist needs to learn more than just that. The belief, well-being, cultures, origins, and philosophies, all of these need to be communicated with public and ensure the messaage is well received.


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