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It is not necessary for any house to be built on a horizontal level. One of the examples is the home office at Asoke Court owned by Khun Dolchai Boonyaratavej. It is built on the rooftop of the building situated in the busiest part of Bangkok.

Khun Dolchai Boonyaratavej, a well-known branding expert, Chairman of Dentsu One (Bangkok), an owner of Ndol Natural, Zantiis and Bangkok Treasures, recognizes the oppotunity to build a roof-top home office in one of his family’s properties. It is an old building that is more than 50 years old in the middle of Asokemontri area. Every detail and attention that goes into this home office is considered and thought out.

Its functional spaces are sectioned off into different zones such as the Private Zone which comprises of a bedroom and a living room; the Office Zone houses an office, a business discussion area and a dining room that sometimes converted into a conference room; and the Pet Zone which is specifically for his beloved Stottish Terrier. This house is filled with so much love and passionate as he has been living in this home for more than 10 years.

He believes in the Middle Path therefore the decorations of this house reflects so much of his philosophy. Let’s start with his style. He loves classical design and this house depicts his classical taste that makes it look so timelessly beautiful. He mixes the characters of Asian culture and the conveniences of the Western just right. Chinese, Thai and Western style decorative items including his own acrylic paintings can be seen around the staircases and the entrance hallway. There is another room that looks very uniquely special and stand out from the rest is the dining room. It is decorated with subtle English Country wallpapers that brings out the best of blue and white color from the porcelains displaying in the handsome curio cabinet. “There are a lot of blue and white here because they are my favorite colors and these Chinese porcelains just match the European style perfectly,” he explains the use of Chinese porclaines for his decorations.

After a brief interview, Khun Dolchai demostrated his music skills on a piano his mother bought as a gift. This home office is not the same as another regular home office but his decoration ideas exhibit his works, interests, collectibles as well as his hidden musician soul that are shining throughout the whole house.

Eventhough this is a rooftop home, it is built and designed as if it was a regular house. “I want to build this home as if it was the regular home building off the ground because I love planting trees or having pets. Personally, I like the horizontal design so every room in this house is connected and I also have a balcony just like any other house,” says Khun Dolchai about the architectural design idea of this house. This house is so airy because its clever design in using wood materials which normally absorb less heat and ensure the connected walls to every function space.

“A home sweet home is a place where people living in the house are happy, feel safe and comfortable. Most importantly, it has to be able to tell the story and tastes of the owners through designs without having too much decorations,” he perfectly concludes the definitions of a home.


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By Oom, 08/02/2018
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