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Origin of nature

Stream of water runs from the highest point through layers of rocks is somehow an originator of various numerous elements in nature which connects human minds and brings them closer to nature.

Because of his busy schedule, Khun Sanan prefers a landscape that works with the exisiting Xanthophyllum Ellipticum, or Chum Saeng tree in Thai, that he owns. His landscaping designer, Khun Mana decided to bring nature home in the landscapes and gardens by creating a 2-meter high waterfall that surrounds his existing tree.

“I personally love nature. The only challenge I have for my designer is the waterfall. I want an imitating waterfall that looks very real so I can spend a relax time at home,” says Khun Sanan

about his concepts and ideas. Khun Mana Tanamai is the landscaping designer who makes his ideas a reality by using pumice rocks from Kanchanaburi to create this moss garden. A major characteristic of pumice is it helps retain water and natural food because of extreme vesiculation. It is extremely porous that allows an easy air flow so it is a perfect answer to grow mosses. It can also helps water to stay clean and clear because it is well-known as an effective filtering media for water.

Layering each rock is similar to painting a masterpiece artwork which you have to stroke each blush carefully. Each rock is different in weigh and size therefore each layer is craftfully and carefully arranged.

“I apply my imagination as well as my experiences with nature when I creat my work. It is the best inspiration and it is also very similar to painting technique because you will have to take color tone, distance, dimension and meaning into account.”

In order to imitate the rainforest characteristics, the designer creates the sculptures imitating tree roots that would lead your imagination to this waterfall in reality. All of dimensional perspectives including moisture, and sunlight are factored in to ensure the real look and feel waterfall. These are all the necessay elements that make those mosses grow so the irrigation sprinkler systems are installed to keep a constant moisture level in the garden. The staghorn ferns are also planted on the highest part of the waterfall so its shade can block excessive sunlight to help staghorn ferns grow.

This huge waterfall surrounded mature tree just looks so real that its beauty is indescribable. Rock on each layers are also covered with greeny mosses. The wonderful background is its artistic water sound that brings soothing and relaxation to everyone living in the house, especially to Khun Sana, a homeowner, who can be seen spending most of his time by this waterfall after his work. “Every morning and evening or whenever I have time off from work, I like to sit by the waterfall to feed these fishies or to just enjoy the greenery scene. Waterfall sound is so relaxing especially when a jet of cold water splashes me in the face which provides more soothing and calm. I love watching my trees grow. It unites human and nature together and it also brings me closer to nature.”



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By Oom, 05/02/2018
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