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Amdaeng Hotel

You may wonder what this red building is? This is not a typical building but a piece of art that beautifully emerged from a mix of different cultures.

Amdaeng is a newer hotel that is using red exteriors as an eye catching architectural feature. This place could have been the portrayal of an elegant Thai-Chinese woman wearing an elegant red dress to greet the hotel guests with the warmest and friendliest welcome and topping up her hospitality services with Lychee juice and Kanom Farang Kudeejeen amid a magnificent view along Chao Praya River near the Old Town on Chiang Mai Road, Kolng San. The stunning charisma and appearance undoubtedly make the story about this red architecture so irresistibly inviting.

As we slowly approach the main building, everyone is surprised by its catchy yet very familiar name “Amdaeng”. This is because it is the name that was once used as a personal title for a lady back in the old days. Khun Lek or Khun Passapol Limpisirisan elaborated that his co-owner, Khun Min or Khun Wiboon Leepakpreeda found this piece of land and was excited before they decide to own it. They were so fascinated with a big sized original deed paper that was prepared and given in the reign of King Rama V to the first property owner whose name is Amdaeng Klee. They decided to keep history alive through the hotel.

A part of the hotel charm being the fact that it is built on a unique piece of land. This 200 square wah lot is considered as a Dragon God in Feng Shui due to its elongated shape that is similar to the dragon. This makes a walk way to the hotel main entrance simple yet very beautiful. There is no way one can tell what is in there behind this small entry door and, all of a sudden, you would be in a total surprised to see this red building on the inside. The dimming lights and its overall decorations set the mood and tone for the Chinese, Dutch and European styles during the era of King Rama V which is exactly the artistic design that both owners have been looking for.

One of the core materials used in this retro architecture among the influential of the modern architects is glasses. This feature allows the hotel guests to fully enjoy its breathtaking Chao Praya riverfront scenary from anywhere within the hotel. It is more than just a dream come true for these two owners who are best friends and also work together as creative directors at Monday Advertising Agency. They both have always been wanting to find a good riverfront spot to chill out and relax. Their dreams heavily inspired the design of this hotel in which the hotel guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the river even when dining at the Nye Cafestaurant. Overall appearance of the interior designs however showcase a blend of both Thai and Chinese harmonized cultures. “Thailand has been absorbing so much of Chinese culture and the both are pretty much indistinguishable anyway,” says Khun lek.

All of the hotel furnitures are handpicked to reflect the perfect combination of the traditional Thai, Chinese as well as European style especially in all of their three room types. Both 2 rooms of the River Suite are by far the best as they are moe spacious than any other rooms. Another room type is the Riverside Grand Deluxe. Both room types offer a stunning view of Chao Phraya river through the gingerbread wood carving balcony. It is again the owners’ intention to have ‘the hotel guests see the river view through Thai culture.’

Deluxe Riverview is the next room type which offers the river view, the old town scenary as well as an over 100 years old bodhi tree located next to the room that influences the design of the custom made black Bodhi tree lamp in the lobby area.

The leisure amid fantastic arts and cultures in this hotel is beyond a dream come true for the hotel guests. It also describes the hotel concept as the most romatic hotel in Bangkok very perfectly. Khun Lek elaborates, “The concept is actually derives from guests’ honest opinions, not from a false implication that we make it up.” Were this hidden Amdaeng Hotel a beautiful mysterious person, she is welcoming you into her world with the best hospitality when you get to know her who has a mission to carry on the cultures around the Old Town as long as she lives.




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