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The warmest greetings and the beauty of Thai style architecture sitting in the middle of greeneries at Ndol Streamside Thai Villa will refresh your memory of what sustainable Thai lifestyle looks like. It is going to be very easy for you to fall in love with Thai culture once again.

Khun Dolchai Boonyaratavej, the owner, tells us about the concept and his inspiration, “Thailand is a very charming country full of unique cultures that no other countries in this world can imitate. It was in my head 10 years ago to figure out what I could do to bring it back alive so both Thai people and any traveled foreigners can feel the same old charm we have had in the past as much as possible”.

From this small inspiration, he later kept hunting down abandoned Thai villas from all over the country. He started with 5 villas mainly for himself as well as to accommodate his visiting friends and guests. Starting from this small inspiration then he expanded into 15 villas and now becoming Ndol Streamside Thai Villas, the only resort in the country of Thailand that showcasing how a typical Thai style and Western’s modesty can be harmonized.

A small alley separated from the main street will lead you to an unbeatable charm of this resort where you can notice Thai Villas situated among fragrant Thai mature trees such as banyan tree, White Champaka, Orange Champaka, Indian Cork, Pink Trumpet, Yellow Poinciana, Chinese Rose along with singing birds, together with the sound of a stream from a giant waterfall nearby, “Jed Sao Noi” waterfall, will grace your stay with joy.

Crossing a small bridge and passing through a set of wooden carving fish-shaped entry door (a symbol of prosperity) is check-in counter, located on the main level of a group of the Thai style house which standing on columns high above the ground and leaving empty space underneath. The resort showcases a massive number of gorgeous collectibles such as wooden sculpture, colorful old fabric items, history pictures, porcelains, Thai coconut grater, etc are for decorations that make any hotel guests feel as if they were relaxing in a family’s living room, not in a resort.

The resort owner selected hardwood and rattan furniture, colorful window treatment and many other collectibles to decorate the main level. Two sets of Thai style furniture are used to decorate the large semi-formal welcome area. A decoration style that beautifully collaborates the Eastern and Western architectural design.

Once you step into the compound area, you can notice many typical Thai decorations like the Thai style gazebo canopy and drinkable rainwater in a big earthen jar. Each area is section off with a split level platform similar to the original Thai architecture. Next, to the main house are children swimming pool and Café Tara restaurant, a unique designed restaurant located in the middle of an amazing view of nature with a small stream travels from a nearby Jed Sao Noi waterfall, can be seen from this area.

Ndol Streamside Thai Villas have 4 type of exclusive accommodations for your selections. Creek Wing is a colonial contemporary deluxe room type with 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom. A beautiful harmony between Asian and Western design.

The Oriental wing is the Asian architectural room type, a group of Thai houses with 6 units inside. One of the units is Oriental Deluxe 11 (Sukhothai), a 1-bedroom deluxe located on the upper level, is the Sukhothai-inspired design features antique decorations such as an antique bed, ceramic and porcelain, Thai silk and much more.

Siam Wing is the luxurious suites feature Thai houses and a final room type is the Villas, 3 exclusive and private villas located next to the waterfall stream. Each room type is decorated beautifully with Thai silk and many antiques. One of the Siam wing suites, Simia Villa Taraval, a 72 square meter, 1-bedroom with the private common area, living room, and spacious balcony for you to enjoy the waterfall scenary, is decorated with Thai silk window treatment and a comfortable king-size bed. Topped with a luxurious open bathroom features a marble bathtub so you can relax and fully enjoy the natural view.

The Villa – Honeymoon Suite Villa 8 – Slinda, a 1-bedroom room is another fantastic decoration that combines its romance and Thai classical style perfectly. The villa has split level platforms to separate each area and features a lot of unique designs such as an entry way that flawlessly connects the living room, a comfortable big bed is located on the upper platform, a big giant door to private living room, a balcony to enjoy the waterfall scenary or an open view bathroom with black and white marble floors.

Apart from renovating the Thai villas that expose the best of Thai culture to the world, its landscaping style, royal Thai food and beverages menu, friendly customer services and famous Thai smiles also make Ndol Streamside Thai Villas a prominent resort that enhance an impression for tourists and visitors from all around the world. This is an undeniable place where people who seek pure and fascinating old-time atmosphere meet.

No matter what makes you forget what Thai lifestyle and cultures look like, you will be reminded of how precious they are all over again when you pay a visit here.



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