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Even though this is a small unit of a condominium but it just feels comfortable especially when it is decorated with the stylish design. Living in this perfect room is no different than living in a 5-star hotel room every day. The owners, both Khun Keng – Julajak and Khun Nampueng – Kitiya Limsrivilai, changed a simple riverside condominium to a modern luxury style which is designed by Khun Ball or Nuttapol Phuntusiri from Ball silver Interior and Design.

A 77-square meter riverside condominium has been transformed into a modern luxury room. The kitchen and bathrooms still look the same but the decorations is another room was changed to have the same mood and tone. This room has light color tone. The changes start from applying cream wallpapers and using white furniture to make the room larger especially when the balcony door is fully opened. Also topped with white carrara, stainless steel, and mirror to create dimensions and add some extra elegance look to the overall appearance.

When entering the room, the kitchen is the first function space to spot on that leads to the family room which is next to the balcony. The kitchen is a good size for fixing light meals. It is not too big or too small, but it looks so perfect with a handpicked round marble dining table. It looks especially amazing and so special when having this stunning chandelier over the top of the ceiling right above the dining table.

The family room is adjacent to the kitchen area. It is decorated with mirror marble walls with stainless steel frame. There are white walls behind the sofa while the other end of the walls are decorated with white marbles that are equally proportionated and re-arranged vertically to match the overall height of the room.It is designed with white wooden built-in storage spaces with crystal hardware that is similar to what we normally see in the hotel lobby area.

The right side of the family room is a luxury and spacious master bedroom as it is gracefully decorated with white marbles, and marble vanity tables that have a jewelry display function. There is also a very special feature of using marble walls instead of using wallpapers. The designer also adds some textured leather on headboard and footboard which look as though silk is used instead of leather. There is a small counter made of Arabescato marbles for storage space underneath an entertainment unit to create a special effect in the room as this type of marble has a darker shade than white carrara on the walls.The embellished wood door perfectly soften the look of this room and also reduces the reflection of the closet.

Another room across their bedroom is an extra bedroom for guests or to accommodate Khun Keng’s parents during their visit. This room is eventually prepared for their child when they have one in the future but serves the purpose as a guest room for the time being. It is decorated in Japanese Zen style by using laminated wood. The bed platform is risen off to be offset with an overall flooring. This room can also be used as an office when needed. The designer also re-designed a glass door to a sliding Japanese door (shoji door). The headboard also has the same design as shoji door to create a matching appearance. Apart from Japanese decoration style, you can see the whole Chaopraya River view through a glass panel over the balcony. The balcony flooring has also been changed from ceramic tiles to wood textured tiles with a set of marble table and chairs to enjoy the riverview from one of the most beautiful spot near Taksin Bridge.

Khun Nampueng tells us that, “I own a house and this room makes me feel like I am living in a house. We can also accommodate our guests here. I spend weekdays here as it is convenientfor our job as a doctor. Our work requires us to be there all day and return home in the evening. Also, this condominium is very close to Asiatique so it is quite a lively area”. We can feel her thoughtfulness and determination in making this room a second home that she spend her time everyday after work as though she is staying at the luxurious hotel room every single day.



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