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CHEERFUL like a summer JOYFUL like a child

The vibrant illustrations and fluidity of lines she is using are quite revealing the characteristics of her playfulness. Khun Phaan or Chanaradee Chatrakul Na Ayudhya’s terrific artworks truly catch people’s attention and miraculously make people enjoy her work.

She greets us with a warm welcome and lead us to her studio via the red spiral stairways. We can tell right away about her favorites through, those painting barrels in the hallway in front of her studio and a great number of the Beatles collectibles pinned up on the walls. It feels like living on a different world as her studio is full of bright and vivid color, signature style of Juli Baker and Summer, her pen name that was developed from her favorite characters, Juli Baker and Summer who are very cheerful, optimistics, adventurous and a bit of craziness.

When asking about the beginning of her journey in art, “To be exact, I am not sure when it started. I know drawing is my favorite thing when I was little. I cannot and did not concentrate on anything else but arts. It just seemed like I spent most of my childhood doing arts, unlike other kids at the same age. It was fun. It made me happy, so I just kept on drawing”, says Khun Phaan. A little girl’s favorite thing then has created a petite artist named Juli Baker and Summer whose works create a big impact now.

The vibrant colors in her artworks tells the story of her childhood and reveal her true identity because she loves the colorfulness since she was young. “Art is about the artist”, says Khun Phaan. She uses Acrylics most of the time with her work and also capable of incorporating a wide variety of artistic materials to create endless possibilities. “I don’t want to use just one type of material. It is kind of boring. I may use colored pencils whenever I have too many acrylic artworks for a certain period of time”, she explained.

She also elaborated that mural painting is one of the best experiences as she likes it very much as if it is a part of her daily routine. It is so unique and challenging for her to live and work differently than she normally would. Her wall mural creations can be seen at the Hub Saidek Foundation, Ibis Chiang Khong Hotel, and Kindergarten Schools. Obviously, the wall mural she painted at each location has its own characteristics and details.In her opinion, a work of art is another way for a human to speak up and to communicate not through words but through visual sense. “Art is everywhere in every person’s step of life. It is about the way of thinking, the way you talk about afantasy expression and creativity. It does not only apply to a writer or an artist but everyone in any professional occupations”, she adds.

Our joyful time with Khun Phaan today has broadened our perspectives about her life and her work through Juli Baker and Summer. We can feel her being bold and sincere about her works and how she continues to constantly carry her childhood work signature shining throughout the whole conversation today.



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By Oom, 28/12/2017
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