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Distance of Sense

What a wonderful life it would be to enjoy the greeneries from all around the world within a walking distance inside of our home every morning and night. Not only its beauty but its challenges in reducing the beauty of places over 9,000 kilometers apart in the distance within a couple of steps.

They say people change every minute just like the climate that changes all the time. Not to mention how difficult it is to pull together the characteristics of each continent in a home garden. Though this idea is different and challenging, it is not above and beyond human’s imagination.

This 500 square meters garden belongs to Khun Ake – Suchart and Khun Su – Narisara Thanomwaraporn. It is separated into 3 different zones inspired by gardens in Europe and Southeast Asia. Khun Sak and Khun Ae – Leelawadee Ruengprom of Suan Leela magically design this stunning garden.

“It all just started from within. I love English garden, so I want this design in the front yard to welcome my guests. Since I personally have many other favorite designs, my backyard ends up with a different design. We, human being, feel different each day. There were days I may want some quiet moments when I will go to my Japanese style in the backyard to calm myself down, to embrace the Zen inside the garden”.

Both Garden Designers define this front garden as classic style as it comprises of sculptures and lamps from France and Italy and without vibrant colored flowers but some green as the main color. There are some roses and cape jasmine in the garden to add some brightness to overall garden appearance. Most of the handpicked flowers in this garden are in pinkish purple such as Rose Bay or any light green leaves to make this even more of the classic garden.

There is a woodlath built around the pool specifically for the Sandpaper Vine to help reduce the natural sunlight and because it matches the overall appearance of the garden. A mature Phuket Gardenia whose leaves are of a good size is set by the pool for the purpose of an easy-care especially when the leaves fall into the pool and when the Rain Trees and Banyan Trees are being used as a natural wall to create a privacy.

More Detail

Keeping the distance between each stepping tiles not only help with aesthetic appearance, but help prevent the grass from falling into the pool while mowing the lawn. It also helps connect the look of greeneries around the area and the tree walls.

Khun Su does not only visually enjoy the beauty of her garden but physically feel it through her bare feet. Every step she takes on each brown river rocks unsurprisingly wipe away all the wearies and weakness of her body and soul. The walkway is specially designed to have a free form in order to avoid the middle zone and to allow people to walk anywhere across the garden without using the stepping stones like most of the typical gardens out there.

“I just love walking on the puffy grass in the morning. It feels as if I am having a natural foot massage therapy at home. I do not like to wear shoes as I prefer to feel connected to the natural world through rich and sensory experiences. I take as many rounds of walking in the morning”, she explained.

Further down the garden are the white gravels behind the weeping willow where its branches are drooping the ground gracefully and weeping along the wind. It is just like a picture perfect of the Southeast Asia cultural painting.

This spot is exactly where the story between the European and the Japanese aesthetic garden meets. You can spot it so easily from the bamboo trees, lamps, bonsai and an Asian style barn which is used as a storage space. Khun Ake prefers an Asian style garden at home as it is known for a low profile and easy for maintenance other than its tranquility and calming sense of meditation.

“The garden is a reflection of our lives. Another corner of our lives. A well-suited spot for a peaceful place away from the craziness of working. A place where the elements in nature help to relax as if you were in a different world”.

When the outside world seems so uncontrollable, the other side somehow can be so controllable that it, provides us anything we typically want. The fragrance of the flowers, the leave colors, the design of the walkway we want to step on or even bridging the gap by building a garden from a different continent in our own home.

Home is where the story of a healthy body and mind typically start.


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By Oom, 27/12/2017
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