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Not only the decorations that make this English Cottage home so lovely, but the love and care of the parents for their children are so overwhelming.

Home is a usual place where most of our childhood memories with parents and siblings; laugh and cry, get along and fight over; are built around it. The memories may fade away through years, however, love never does but always exists. This is a house where parents create to help children grow to become their best self with pride.

Same thing for Khun Tan – Tanwadee Waseenont who strongly believes that childhood is the sweetest moments that be gone forever. It is more than just memories but the moment when parents help shape up children’s life. Children will become who they would be basically because they depend on whatever parents instill in them at this point in their lives. This is the main reason why this house is built so Patty and Peaton, her children, can grow up with the sweetest memories. There is a children room where they can play, draw and use their imaginations.

This house, designed by Khun Kat – Pakawadee Pahulo and Khun Pui – Asadawut Watanasopark from the 8 Interior Architect, is full of warmth and kindness. With the use of pastel color and light colored furniture makes English Cottage a heaven on earth just like what Khun Tan wants.

“I prefer multicolors in this room, so we have a balloon lightings and colorful wallpapers. Children need to be around colorful stuff. They use imaginations wildly so they can do anything in this room. They can paint, draw, cut or do whatever they want regardless of how messy it is going to be in order to stimulate their learnings. There are drawers and storage spaces for them to keep their toys after use. This help with their responsibilities and help with sorting as well”. On the upper floor, Khun Tan prepares a private bedroom for each of her children. The whole walls in these rooms are decorated with the constellation handpainted wallpapers by a well-known graffiti artist – Khun Fai Fawalai Sirisompol. More than its beauty, the constellation just glow in the dark and helps her children learn about the galaxy and stars in alphabetical order through this gorgeous painting.

The architects also design for ample storage spaces to use as bookshelves for both of her children to read and keep the books anywhere and anytime. She undoubtedly just passes on her love for reading to her children.

“I read for them since they were born, both English and Thai books. Sometimes, they pick their own stories and take their turn reading for me. Many times they just take a turn, without any books, saying a line to create a new story. They have so much fun building sentences and stories together. All of these make them love reading and have so many imaginations”.

The yard is for both children to play outdoor and to help their father with gardening. They are taught with responsibilities at such a young age and at the same time enjoy spending their time with the family. “Other than painting and playing with their toys, they love helping their father with gardening because they know their father loves trees. I believe spending time together is the most important. Whatever I do, they will join. Whatever their father does, they will help. These really help them developed, learn about responsibilities and help create self-esteem”.

“Home is the safe spot and a place where everyone wants to be regardless of how tired they are. I want my children to feel that way when they are an adult. They can go everywhere they want yet they can always return home whenever they need to. I give them freedom. They have free life and thoughts. They can be whoever they want to be, be as happy as they want to become. I will just be right here for them”, says Khun Tan.

Home is more than just a sweet place. It is a place where we grow up and teach us to become who we are these days. It does not matter how long time has passed by, home always give us the wide open arms whenever we need them. Memories stay at home.

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By Oom, 26/12/2017
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