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The SIS Kata Phuket

The sunlight in all its forms, from morning sun to evening light, enhances the flow of the space of a uniquely designed architecture, and the SIS Kata. A new heavenly place on earth located in Kata Beach overlooking the bay and Koh Pu with an amazing panorama scenic view from the top of the hill.

What makes this resort very interesting and appealing to its guests whom mostly are Westerners is the way it utilizes its full potential from being situated in a perfect sea, sand, sun location to being surrounded by shopping malls, local stores and restaurants to offering various type of watersports such as surfing, or snorkeling in Koh Pu. This is a great place offering an all-inclusive service suitable for lovers, friends, and families enjoying water sports in the midst of the big blue sky and the sea breeze of the Andaman.

The SIS is an abbreviation of a sister, developed from a great fondness and traveling experiences of the three sisters- Khun Kanokorn, Khun Anchisa, and Khun Panwara Pattaraworanee. They all agreed to choose Oracle Architects, an architectural company who deeply understand the culture of Phuket. Both the Sisters and the Architects enjoy their collaboration and come up with dusk till dawn conceptualization for this resort on the hill. The idea is to design each square meter with uniqueness and memorable characteristics in their services.

The Sisters explain to us, “Scene and sequence is our core concept in architectural design especially in the common areas such as hotel restaurants, swimming pool, and scenic viewpoint stops to encourage our guests to spend as much time as possible”. It is deliberately designed to put all 3 common areas in the same spot. This combination feature adds some extra benefits for the lovers, group of friends or family guests to continuously spend the time according to their individual needs and still enjoy the moment of togetherness without leaving the others behind. After spending a day together outside of the hotel, some of the guests may want to swim while the others want to chill out for a relaxing dinner. They can all definitely do so without leaving the group at this fantastic resort. The restaurant serves international food including many special recipes of the Southern-style dishes. At the same time, the hotel guests can enjoy a beautiful scenic view of a sunset which is another highlight of the overall amazing stay at the SIS Kata.

The accommodation buildings are designed with the basic elements of lines to achieve the modern look and enhance overall experience with stylish Chevron prints on walls and other materials around the resort. Guest rooms are the design of a perfect proportion with a full-option setting. Every room is four-meter wide with a comfortable bed in the middle and the open bathroom concept with dry and wet zones to accommodate multiple users at the same time. Another interesting part is the selected colors, orange, blue and turquoise, for interior decorations which are inspired by the sunset colors. The name of each guest room reflects the scenic view each room has which is categorized into 7 room types.

SIS On the Hill, the first room type, is located on the hill that allows the guests to enjoy an overall view of Kata. SIS Over the Pool is the type of room that the guests could enjoy the view of the Stella Pool especially beautiful at night as if you were lying in the middle of the starlight in the night sky. SIS Jacuzzi Pool is a room type very similar to SIS Over the Pool except for a great size of a built-in Jacuzzi and a circular hammock in the balcony for a cozy relaxation and a great photo shoot spot. There are altogether 8 SIS Jacuzzi Pool room types. Next is the natural privacy SIS Over the Garden which all you can see is the greeneries of forest and guests can enjoy their bath time in the outdoor bathtub on the balcony. However, the only difference of SIS Over the Sea and SIS Over the Garden is the sea view instead of the forest view to cherish the sunset view over the Kata Beach. SIS studio Pantry room type is the corner room with spacious bedroom and pantry area to section off the bedroom and a sofa corner. This room is suitable for guests who need more spaces. Last but not the least, the SIS Suite is for guests who are looking for unique experiences for their vacation. There are only 2 suites available. This room is a sea view suite with open walls and high ceilings to create some special features from another room type. The room is also equipped with a Jacuzzi that can be used to enjoy the sea view and the television programs at the same time as you wish.

Not only just an amazing vacation, amidst the perfect view of the sea, but each hotel guest receives phenomenal services using SIS Care system. The hotel guests can easily inquire or request for special services with just a push of a button on the phone. The 3 owners verify, “We, the Sisters, carefully handpick every service by ourselves to ensure our valued customers receives the best during their stay at the SIS Kata”.



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