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This square-shaped black and brown house using wooden cladding, metal, glasses and bricks as its core materials look so simple yet very attractive.

U38 is the house for a family of three, parents and a son, which utilize the concept of “Simple” to design for this family home. A house on the 400-square meters plot of land is located adjacent to the former family home. This two-story, black and brown modern home near UdomsukSoi 38 area, has 2 bedrooms, 1 toy room and 3 bathrooms on the upper level. The lower level has an office, a living room, a dining area and a kitchen which can see the whole swimming pool view on the North side.

There is a 3-car garage in the front area. There is a common area such as a family room and a dinette for everyone to enjoy the space together on the lower level. These rooms are designed to function together as a large, open-plan space; the continuous ceiling help achieve this goal so everyone in the family can be spotted easily at all time.


The upper level is the master bedroom with a walk-in bathroom and the office of the homeowners, Khun Pongsak Korkietsanti and Khun Narumol Tantigaroon. The bedroom is decorated in brown and cream color tone while their son’s bedroom is next to theirs and is designed to use the hallway to connect with his toy room. The rooms are specially designed with double layer skin by using recycled lath as a sliding balcony door which also helps with privacy and reduces the heat in the bedroom. This balcony can also be opened continuously to connect the whole upper floor together.

More Detail
The South walls are designed as a built-in storage space to keep the minimal look and make the overall appearance beautiful and matching the brown and cream walls.


The special is the “toy room” which comprises of small little toys but looks very gigantic when putting every single piece together. Khun Narumol says, “This area is for our son which is a great spot especially when he has playmates during the weekend. They often work on lego, swimming and other activities together which really help improve their skills and imaginations”.


An overall design is very simple and plain with less furnitures and is decorated with warm color tones such as white, grey, brown, cream and black in some areas. This is a south-facing home and gets some cool wind through its large and open space. The design helps to get some sun through the balcony on the upper floor and the connected balcony on the lower level in the North. More importantly, this house sits right next to their former home which the homeowners can commute easily to take care of the parents within walking distance.


“With a limited lead time, we particularly use a metal frame for our house due to the effectiveness and capability to shorten the construction time”, says Khun Narumol.Not only the sleek and modern look that makes this home very inviting, but the open-plan space that connects every family member together also brings everyone closer as it shows the care and love between generations. It just makes this family home a happy and loving place.



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By Oom, 26/12/2017
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