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“Using light shade like white or natural brown can greatly boost your mood, revitalize your energy, and focus on your mind whenever you are at home”.

Khun Tanakrit Sripruekmas tells us about his modern minimalist home on Town-in-Town Road. Even though this is a 250 square meter townhouse, this house is different from any other townhouse we normally see. It is designed to use wood cladding in the front area to increase a sense of privacy. As most of the townhouses are built close to one another, wood cladding greatly helps with visual privacy from outsiders. The cladding is facing West which also helps reduce the heat in the afternoon.

The Beginning
“The reason behind this renovation was that I was originally living in the area and looking for a new house to move in after my wedding. My parent’s house and my office are also around here. I am comfortable living in this area due to its vicinity to the expressway that makes daily transportation so convenient. So we decided to look for an old house in the area and remodeled it to the style that we like instead of buying a new one. It just makes sense to stay close to my family and spare no time to get to work in the morning within 2-3 minutes”.

“This townhouse was love at first sight. It is a corner lot and has more spaces than another houses nearby. Since I have to design the house myself, I can just do whatever I like. I love open space and simple design with some hidden fine details. Most importantly, I try to make this house looks more like a detached house than a townhouse. So I decided to tear down the whole walls and floors but house frames before I can change the floor layout”.

New Look
“After a re-design and redo the floor plan that meet my needs, I get a completely new house using the material that I love, and another small architectural detail that reveals my true self. I am very simple and very active most of the time. So, I designed this house to be the spot where I can calm down and relax. I do not want to think about work and prefer to stay inactive when I am home for the best relaxation time. That being said, I choose to use neutral color tone, instead of bright and vivid color, and straight line composites in my design to make this house a home sweet home for me to relax after work”.

This is a 3-storey townhouse. The lower level has a living room, a dining room and a kitchen. Each space is designed to be connected to each other without any walls or partitions which make the house look a lot bigger. There is a large sliding door on the side of this house that can be used to open the interior of an entire house to the great outdoors and to allow more natural sunlight and air flow in the house during daytime. The penthouse is located on the top level which is used for bedroom and walk-in closet. This area has been transformed by relocating the front balcony to the side in order to avoid direct sunlight and adding some tranquility to space by having a small garden along the way to the bathroom and walk-in closet. Large windows and wood claddings in the front and the side of this house greatly improve visual privacy and reduce direct heat from the afternoon sunlight.

“There are only two of us living in this house. We do not have any housekeeper, so we prefer Modern Minimalist to keep a minimum of furniture and decorations and easy to organize. Wooden furniture and decorations are our main materials because they are easy for care and cleaning. They look great when paired up with stones and white walls as well. In addition, they also make this modern house look a little bit more homey. We add an elegance touch by using marble as the top of furniture and using black back painted glass for cabinet doors. These reflective materials are giving the house as much dimension and soften the overall appearance. Another thing I added to this house is the mobile controlled lighting system in which I can control every device through home automation function on my cell phone. For example, curtains in the West side will be automatically closed down and will open again at night time every day. I can also setup an automatic function on my phone to turn on and off the air conditioners including our garage door, so it can be opened right away when we get home.



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By Oom, 26/12/2017
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