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3½ of H House

Due to limitations, this H-shaped home is structured and built to showcase the homeowners’

After enough time passes, design preference changes and Khun Ruja Rojanai, the homeowner, agrees that a new home, a new design is needed for renovation. “It is just at the right time. It was a 30 years old house. My children help with functional and design ideas.” A well-known architecture of Bab Studio and the chairman of the Architect Expo 2014, Khun Sorawis Na Nakorn, is the man behind this beautifully designed home. “We build a home, not a monument, for the homeowners. We need to truly understand what they want in order to build one that meets the needs and lifestyle.”

This 600 square meters modern home offering privacy and comfortable living is a result of a thorough discussion between the homeowner and the architect. The H-shaped design evolved from its benefit in ample natural light, natural ventilation, which can be stretched out to great lengths to ensure every space has good access to daylight and wind from every direction, and a clear separation of public and private spaces

The custom geometric-cut aluminum Façade cladding, installed by Fab & Form, the anti-rust aluminum cladding design and installation expert, on the second level’s roof deck creates perfect private spaces. It does not only help with hiding the drying racks but has all the advantages of the ventilated facade. Its uniqueness and out of the ordinary appearance also makes this modern home stand out as an individual structure.

Khun Sorawis cleverly designs the floor layout to zone out the ample sized garage and living room as a semi-private zone while connecting private living spaces with the prominent recreation area on the mezzanine that can be used to welcome any close friends and guests.

This 3 ½ level home features offices, home theater, and kitchen on the lower level that have easy access to the garden. A master bedroom and a smaller bedroom are on the second level while the upper floor features two duplex-style bedrooms that are being designed and decorated to match the room owner’s character and lifestyle.

The warm color tone is selected as the color pattern for overall appearance. Various type and color of wooden materials are used in conjunction with pure white color and a fabulous grey polished concrete. A great size of glass panel helps a great deal in bringing natural light into every room. All of these amazing features come with the architect’s ideas that the homeowners should have fun and freedom to be creative with their home design and decorations in order to bring out timeless characteristics of each individual.

Natural light and wind are the only factors that make a home the comfortable living space but a house that makes everyone lives comfortably and filled with happiness worth so much more.

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By Oom, 18/12/2017
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