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There is an increasing demand for hostel services, a fast-growing business, from backackers on a limited budget who prefer a cozy and inexpensive place to stay while traveling. D Hostel is one of many emerging hostels in the city. Its unique and modern architectural designs, however, absolutely set this hotel apart.

The Beginning
With extensive experience from managing the Feung Nakorn Balcony, Khun Benz – Tanyaporn Piemviriyakul decided to pursue another type of fast-growing hospitality business. This 720 square meters hostel, situated on Boonsiri Road, is using a low-rise commercial building located amidst historic sites as their business location. It is also a walking distance to Khao San Road, one of the popular places among foreigners and appointed an architect, Khun New – Kittitat Norrasethakarn of Klickken Studio, to help with this renovation project.

The design is inspired by her personal favorites in Sino-Portuguese architecture. Design and decoration, therefore, should maintain a classy look and feel. These ideas brought together into combination design concept. The design features descriptions of Bangkok’s most famous architecture, landmarks, history, and local community combined such as exciting neighborhood, temples, palaces to showcase the classical charm. The architect creatively adds some modern elements to make the design stands out to catch the travelers’ attention.

New Look
A new definition of Sino-Portuguese architectural design has now been created. The architect decided not to use some commonly used modern elements. However, modern and stylish facades are being utilized instead. The concept of designing a façade is inspired by architectural graphics seen in AutoCAD program combined with metal work to create raw mood and feel. The result shown is a very stunning white colonial-style metal façade covered with black metal patterns and absolutely catches the public’s eyes.

It is undeniable that façade is the star of the show for this renovation. Another hidden cool feature is an emergency exit. Most of the low-rise commercial buildings in Thailand do not have an emergency exit. Since safety is a primary concern for the hostel, the only practical and functional spot to install the emergency evacuation and stairwell signage is in the front of the building. It is a very well thought-out idea by the architect to use decorative façade to cover the installed emergency stairs.

To ensure an ultimate safety and overall structure follows engineering codes and standards, a team of engineers calculates and determines the beam, its load and the span carried by the beam in order to have the façade installed toward the front of the building. Façade is installed nearly 2.50 meters from the staircase walls where the stairwell installed while the walkway is on the other sides and installed nearly 1.20 meters from the wall.

Pastel shades of green are the chosen primary interior color to showcase the colonial style. Large decorative metal wall murals depict the historic places around the Rattanakosin Island or the inner part of Bangkok, can be seen through around lobby area. They look amazingly interesting yet express harsh beauty in metal work. The selection of wall colors and subdued color of the furniture help soften overall appearance. Portuguese concrete tile flooring extravagantly creates an area rug look at the floor. The classic design will never go out of style. The benefit of these floorings is simple. The more they are cleaned, the shinier they look without refinishing.



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