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Doi Tung Lodge

A simple accommodation nestled amidst the mountains and surrounded by a natural learning center of Doi Tung Development Project.

“I will re-forest Doi Tung,” a royal remark by HRH Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani, the Princess Mother, was made when she made a stop at Thailand’s 31st Watershed Conversation Unit, where it is now the location of Doi Tung Lodge.

That was a huge start of the journey on both the Doi Tung Development Project and Doi Tung Lodge which formerly served as the Thailand’s 31st Watershed Conversation Unit Office and the accommodation for the royal entourage and employees of the Doi Tung Project. In 1995,M.R. Disnadda Diskul,Principal Private Secretary, sought permission from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, the Princess Mother’s Successor ofthe Development Project, to turn this into a tourist lodging. The ultimate objective of Doi Tung Lodge is to provide employment opportunities for local people.

Other than being a part of the development project, Doi Tung Lodge also reveals the bondbetween King Bhumibol Adulyadej Borommanatbophit, the dedicated king who always worked very hard for his people yet allocated time tooccasionally pay his Royal Mother, who also had been working for a very long time, a visit. Nevertheless, this is also the place where “both a Mother and a Son learn from one another.” As the King’s Mother, the Princess Mother raised up her child. As the son, King Rama 9, also learned from the Princess Mother. Both had learned from each other through the work of the Doi Tung Development Project they did together.

The Doi Tung Lodge is one the gorgeous places where you can let your body, mind, and spirit enjoy its beauty. It is also packed with simple yet environmental conservation activities that show the Princess Mother’s conservation awareness. This is the reason Doi Tung Lodge does not have a swimming pool like another lodges and hotels because a forest would have to be destroyed in order to build one. Allowing your body and mind, your whole self, to feel its pulsing is the way to enjoy the beauty and serenity at Doi Tung Lodge truly.

They offer 2 buildings with accommodations which showcasing the natural surrounding by using simplicity concept for its decorations. One is the Garden View Building where you can enjoy the view of the colorful flowers garden from your room balcony. The gardens have seasonal change so the type of flowers and colors will be changed for each season. While the Mountain ViewBuilding offers a complete relaxation the minute, the sun is rising as if you are being surrounded by mountains that bring peace and calmness directly to your balcony.

The Doi Tung Lodge offers more than just its beauty but hidden knowledge and background information on the Development Project and the bond between the Princess Mother and King Rama 9. The simplicity of the buildings, its gorgeous design together with the serenity of the forest truly make the days at Doi Tung Lodge an amazing experience

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By Oom, 07/12/2017
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