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Sherry Hilton


The journey leading to a Professional Hairdresser on the international catwalk of this celebrity begins with love and hatred. Khun Sherry – Tipravee Phuchai, also known as “Sherry Hilton”, a well known professional hairdresser whose 14 years experiences create fabulous hair arts.

As if her life has been destined, she tells us, “I always thought I was unfortunate because only one side of my brain works better than the other. It works better with anything related to art but calculation and memorization part. I memorize through visualization”. Her dislike in mathematics and memorization somehow lead her the way to discover her love in Art & Design which is what she likes best. It is the beginning of her college life in Fashion Designer at the Central St. Martin, London.

However, one of the fashion design courses was about calculating fabric use which made her joyful teenage life very unjoyful. This made her enrolled a course at Alan D Hairdressing Education, the hairdressing school where a handsome half Italian half French was also studying at the time. She discovered two new loves with her new path, a gorgeous man and the hair arts.

It was quite difficult at the beginning to pursue the hairdressing course. The fact that she never said anything to her family regarding the hairdressing school has given her a lesson about endurance. The struggle lasted until she took a course about color and shape theory which confirmed that hair design is her way of life.

She also found out that it was fun to combine her fashion design passion with hairdressing. “I stick to the plan when I know what I wanted to do”, she explains her personal strength that shows her focus and determination. “I wanted to dye my hair from Black to make it look Blonde because I like Victoria Bechkam”.

The level of difficulty to dye Asian people’s hair to look exactly like the Europeans is extreme. Khun Tipravee tells us about her strong determination, “I just kept learning and learning until I can dye my own hair. I just stick to my goal when I know what I want”. At the time, in order to become an expert, she had to take some courses from the reputable institute such as Vidal Sasson, Tony & Guy and Arion Bezuidenhout. Later down the road, she had a chance to work with John Cedars,  Lady Diana or the Princess of Wales’ hairdresser. A year has passed by so quickly. Remorse from losing her father slowly taking place the happiness she ever had. His passing impacted the family business that her mother needed her help with its operation.

“Customers are my encouragement. Their kindness is worthless.”

After she successfully managed her family business and confessed to her mother that, “I was not my true self. People in property business needed to hold tidy and sharp business attire at all time. It is not at all possible to wear hot pants, crop tops, buffalo boots and dye your hair”. She then got back on track in chasing her dream, so she opened a salon that she enjoyed working, had fun with it and bold enough in bringing out the newest trend to Thai fashion industry.

Libertish Salon Café, the first salon that allows customers to do both hairdressing and drinking at the same time, located at Siam Square Soi 4 has started for art lovers. The salon is decorated in Black & White modern contrast which beautifully mixes and matches with Pop Neon style that showcases her love in Punk and Avant-garde. This is also considered her signature hairdressing style for every customer including the muted hair color tone such as ash blonde that flattering dimensional look or sometimes has as many variations as 7 shades. Her fabulous work can be seen on many Thai celebrities and stars such as Khun Janie Tienphosuwan, Khun Jeab –  Sopitnapa, Khun Oh – Pakjira or Khun Vicky – Sunisa. She usually begins any services with hair analysis to communicate with each customer with sincere attitude, well-mannered and pay attention to every detail outlined by the customers. ” I would consider it a failure if I do hairdressing according to the fashion book, but customers do not have confidence to walk in public. That is why a proper hair design for each individual character is very important to me”. This is a big hidden secret of her quick success after opening the first salon within 2 years. Her work also can be seen on the fashion week catwalk, the 2014 House of Holland by Percy & Reed, one of the renowned hair products.

She passes on the love in her career to the art of hair designing. She gives it a definition as “Hair design that can be used in real life” which defines the success of Libetish Salon Café at Maison 53 located on Sukhumvit 53 Road where it is the current location.  The same quality services still being rendered here with the new look.



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