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Every homeowner who loves to spend most of their time at home should be able to inventively design their needs for an elegant yet livable living space to reflect their lifestyle.

For many people, a home is a living space where they prefer it to be untouchable but our guesses, Khun Keerati and Khun Pimruda Pitakteeratham, the owners of this 164 square meters living space at 158 Rajdamri, think differently. They strongly believe that a home should be flexible enough to be re-designed to meet any needs and increased happiness.

Khun Keerati Pitakteeratham, the manager at Teerin Group and the owner of Five Four Records, tells about the time when he was hunting for his dream home. He was getting married and wanted a bigger living space than the 94-square meter condominium he lived in at the time. Location was his main challenges. He preferred downtown area, which is the location he has been living in, due to its conveniences, his lifestyles and also a perfect solution for an increased family.

That was the beginning of this 164 square meters room, the elegant modern design spaces, located on the 22nd floor of the 158 Rajdamri, Rajdamri Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok.

Immediately an elegance shines through the entry door, where new built-in wall shelves are installed for storage. He wants the walls to be more than just a simple partition but to separate the kitchen from the main living area. A uniquely designed coffee table from Chanintr is set in the middle of the living room. This matches perfectly well with a luxurious grey Sectional Lounge Sofa that the homeowner prefers spending most of his time at home on this lounger to spending time outside. It is also spacious enough to welcome a group of his friends comfortably. Kitchet and dinette area are behind this living room. A large and craftily made 8-seater dining table set can be seen which normally will be used for a family time. Both homeowners love to cook, so they decided to upgrade the size of the kitchen island to make it a complete function space.

“My wife and I enjoy couch surfing and love to spend the time cooking at home whenever we can during our time off. So, I renovated the whole kitchen by upgrading the cabinet, doubling the kitchen island size, replacing a refrigerator and running built-in wall shelves the entire perimeter of the wall up by the ceiling for pantry storage. I did not go to a culinary school. I just love cooking. So I want to make this area more special,” says Khun Keerati.

He and his wife shared ideas and updated some other rooms in their home. Two small bedrooms were transformed into a recording studio and a workout area respectively. There is also a space that was turned into a large, spacious walk-in closet and transformed the old closet, that is much smaller, into the office. Like any other rooms in this luxurious condo, the master bedroom reflects their elegance and fine taste, starting from a private bathroom to flooring. He replaced the marble-look porcelain tile with an exquisite wood floor that was taken from one of the small bedrooms to enhance great character and warmth in the room.

To top this up, he added a stainless steel accent strip around marble walls to create a decorative design and showcase marvelous marble texture. A striking design reminiscent of a large curved glass panel in the private bathroom perfectly offers unobstructed sight lines and added floor space. He says, “Marbles give an extra elegant feel to space especially when mixing up with stainless steel. These components make a home a happy living space. More importantly, it makes me happy time happier whenever I am at home. I chose a grey palette to control the mood and feel of luxurious spaces which I need to be very careful because too much grey could monopolize the room and could create a gloomy atmosphere. So, I add a different color to flooring and shelves to balance it up.”

Another star of the show is the large and spacious 7×5 meter balcony facing East that allows you a chance to feel the breeze from a nearby Chaopraya River, definitely, gives a magnificent view of the city of Bangkok and the amazing greenery view of Lumpini Park.

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