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This exposed concrete modern home situated by a canel representing its past and present as if two long lost friends are finally met to celebrate their happy time together.

This loft house by the canel belongs to the Norchuvej family and was built to accommodate extra family members. Khun Fern – Nisana and Khun Fang – Nattapong put their trust in the hands of Khun Kasin Sornsri, an architect from Volume Matrix, to design and help define the meaning of their new home. There are two main units under the same roof. One is for Khun Fang and his daughter while the other area is for Khun Fern and their parents. It may look like two separate spaces, these piece of land is the wedding gift from the parents, so the family stays close to one another in the same compound.

“We love a big family and feel more comfortable for us to stay close to each other. Whenever someone is not home, the neighbor next door is not strangers but our relatives whom we can trust to leave our house with them. For instance, when my brother is not home, I can take care of his daughter for him. It’s all about taking care of each other. That’s why we love to stay close to our family. Also, our old house is relatively small. When the family expands, there should be enough spaces to accommodate everyone. This is basically how we started to build this house”, says Khun Fern, the eldest daughter of Khun Wichuda Norchuvej, with a smile on her face.

Both Khun Fern and Khun Fang have the same taste and like the simple yet very chic characteristics of exposed concrete. Their mother agrees to whatever they like as these houses will belong to them one of these days. “I am ok with whatever they want. They both will be the ones living here at this house for years to come so let the build however they want it”, says Khun Wichuda.

The first main area of this house is where Khun Fang’s family is going to stay at. It comprises of, Nong Pim or his daughter’s bedroom, a family room and a small kitchen. Another area is mainly for Khun Fern and parents which comprises a master kitchen, bedrooms, a family room, and a guest’s bedroom. It is designed to have a minimalist style by having as little furniture and decorations as possible, so they thoroughly handpicked what they really love to have in their homes. Many pieces of furniture were selected after they both moved in.

Since this is the chef’s house, their kitchen is the most important part of this home. Their architect designed a much more spacious and a more special kitchen to meet their needs. A good size of a dining table made from a 60-year old Afzelia wood is set in the kitchen. This table is a big part of their father’s memory. Its legs were altered to look more modern and look great with the overall modern appearance of the loft style. Khun Fern also ordered the custom-made chairs that match the dining table.

“We focus more on its functions. We believe everything in geometric shape, either square or circle, will never go out of style. So we decided to go with this plan”, explains Khun Fern.

The living room also uses Afzelia wood floorings, the same type of wood as the dining table because the homeowner prefers the same wooden color shade. The main furniture in this room is a brownish cowhide leather sofa. Another interesting design is the glass walls that can be opened to see a crystal blue salt water swimming pool in the front of this house that runs 90 degrees parallel with the canel or Klong Bang Kwang. She chose a saline swimming pool over a chlorine one as it is more gentle to kids like her niece, Nong Pim. Interesting enough, this house also has an interior wheelchair ramp. It is very well thought out to accommodate future needs to provide a home care for their parents.

Khun Fang’s bedroom has simple decorations as he wants the room to hold memories about his daughter such as shoes, umbilical cord, baby teeth and every keepsake he has for his daughter.

“A house is where happiness is so I want to be able to find every memory and story of life in this house”, says Khun Fang.

Khun Fern’s bedroom, on the other hand, is using her favorite colors, green, yellow and blue as the main shades. She custom made every piece of furniture in her room to match the house and reveal her true self through those furniture.

“There are 2 sections in my bedroom. Work area is on the outer part because of better scenery while I sleep in the inner part of the room because it is cooler. I want a house that looks like a vacation home. A house where I can enjoy spending a relaxed time without going anywhere”, Khun Fern tells us about her bedroom.

“My sister loves home décor. Her room is very beautiful and looks so much better than mine. It’s an unfair match”, Khun Fang tells us his opinion while laughing about it as well.

It takes some work to build a house that would fit the needs of every family member especially when it comes to different age and generation. Good architecture can help make this possible, but it is more of sacrificing. You may need to get rid of what you like in order to add something the other family members like or you may have to take old stuff to make it look more modern. That’s what it is called a place like home where we are thinking about each other’s needs.


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