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A big white house is surrounded by green plants and grasses. The clear sky and soft sunlight give us a chance to absorb the beatify of architectural work of our house; including a beautiful big green garden belonging to Khun Noppon and Khun Titirat Hemajan. It is the house of happiness ina stunning modern classic style.

Khun Nopporn kindly leads us to see his house. All this man’s stories are fully expressed through his voice of happiness and pride. “Formerly, our family lived around here. As I have two sons, and our family needs to be extended very soon; I want to build a new house for my family in the future. I always see this piece of land every day when I drive passing it from home. With a good location closing to my old house, I feel family at this area, so I decided to buy a piece of the land covering 920 square meters first and built a house. When my house finished I thought that it was not enough because I love trees and nature; therefore, I bought another 800 square meters. Then I got around 1 rai piece of land whereI can have my house and my beautiful garden as I wanted.”

The big house is also inserted with a hint of contemporary sweetness in every detail which is designed by Khun Kat Pakawadee Pahulo, an interior designer who is like Khun Noppon’s niece, and she is also a partner of Khun Utsadawut Watanasopak from 8 Interior Architect to complete the house in the dream of Hemjan family.

“Being familiar with the owner of the house, we know the style they prefer. Khun Noppon allows us to work independently, and what we have to do together is choosing the design and materials for the house. This modern classic styled house has a hint of an European style and looks quite wide and spacious. I designed it by making some attractive spots within the house; for example, curve arch partitions are used for separate spaces in the house for the family members staying together, and patterns are added to make the house look blending and more functional,” adds the interior designer.

The owner is quite picky with the selection of good quality materials because he wants his house to look beautiful and last longer; therefore genuine marble and teakwood are used as main materials. In addition, all pieces of furniture and decorative items are browsed from very luxury brands such as Chanintr living or Quanttro design. When putting them together, the house is transformed into an imposing house hidden with cozy atmosphere harmoniously.

Another thing cannot be missed is an English garden of the house designed by Khun Wit aka Siriwit Riewbamrung, a garden designer from Little Tree. Besides sitting corners and variety of green plants providing cooling shades, there is a white glass house fitted into the style of the house created as a space for relaxing and having party as well as being a reserving place for relatives visiting the family.

Although it is just a simple thing, I believe that every house always reflects the real identity of the owner obviously. It is just like this house filled with spaces for the whole family to spend time together. It is obvious that, no matter how big the house is, close and warm atmosphere is never fading away from them.



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By Oom, 04/09/2017
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