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Reside The Luxury … ความสุขสามมิติ

“It looks like a completely and flawlessly three dimensional image.” This is what Khun Apicharti and Khun Supawadee Wannapak pleasantly give a definition for their third house built and designed by the Tree+ team. The house is designed in a modern luxury style with a combination of two types of material: marble and the two- tones of black and golden glass.

Khun Supawadee told us about the beginning of this house. It was that started from the long distance of traveling between her son’s university and a previous house. She sought for a new house. She found and bought it without any hesitation because she is firstly fascinated and impressed with its interior decoration.

There are 300 square meters of functional spaces which are suitable for four family members spending time together on weekends. An additional space is also arranged to house for Khun Apichart’s friends who frequently come to visit him. What’s more, materials used needs to be luxurious in order to reflect their tastes. For example, Black Marquina marble which is used as the top dining table. Ceiling is installed with glass covering both living and dining zones and a hanging chandelier also enhances luxurious and dimensional ambiance.

Another highlight of the house is “Feng Shui”: a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing family members with the house surroundings. Before buying the house, Khun Supawadee had a Chinese wise man inspected house direction, a partition of their both children’s bedrooms and a specification of headboard. Besides, interior spaces are arranged for fully equipped and functioned rooms which is appropriate for big family such as living room, home theater room, dining room and kitchen. Such rooms identify family members’ favorite activities which they enjoy doing together all the time.

The second floor is divided into 3 rooms which are completely distinctive decorated. The first room is Khun Apicharti and Khun Supawadee’s bedroom. The room is so big that it is divided into 2 sides: a resting corner which is separated by a walk-in closet stored a collection of Khun Supawadee’s brand names handbags. Another is set aside for a bathroom. Next room belongs to their son which is designed to meet his characteristic of being prudent, fond of playing musical instruments and reading. Therefore, the room is mainly painted in a black tone with modern hint. The opposite is housed for their daughter’s room which the decoration focuses on simple luxury in an English Classic style.

For this reason, it is possible to generate luxurious simplicity and warmth within a place which is called “a house”. Especially, this house represent every right solution in all dimensions for the Wanapak family. As Khun Supawadee says “it is the house which serves the best dwelling.”


Story : กนิฎฐา วงษ์ประเสริฐ
Photographer : ชยพล ปาระชาติ
Host : คุณอภิชาติ และคุณสุภาวดี วรรณภักดิ์
Interior : บริษัท TREE+ Interior Design โทร 08-9226-2656 , 08-56264256

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