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I have heard that “Love is everything.” Now, I realize that home is also everything after having a small talk with KhunUn Thatti Nanakijmankong, a professional photographer and homeowner. It is another house that makes me simply fall in love with it. It looks moderately loft and modern, and it is also a cool and cozy home that looks like a resort. It is sometimes just like a common home which characterizes the homeowner’s identity.

The house is located on a plot of 74 –square yard with750-square-meter functional space. The third floor of the house is spaced for different collections of cameras, old-aged radios, speakers, photos and pieces of old and new furniture.The house owner vividly tells us that he was is inspired for decorating this house by his career.

“As a photographer, whenever I go and take photos at different resorts and hotels, I like to take my favorite snapshots. In addition, I have a degree in communication art, so I know how to make a good design. Being a photographer always provides a chance to visit new places, and it inspires me to build and design my own house. Starting with an interior plan by focusing on a main layout of function then, I have my architect friend design an exterior structure. This house defines as a truly functional house rather than depicts a beautiful house.”

KhunUn emphasizes that the layout of function is designed from practical purposes. This house is everything: a place which serves a party for his friends, wife’s friends and relatives, a parking lot, an office and a resting area. Everything is generated from the idea which yields the best thing for KhunUn. Designing a house with functional priority can meet fully practical purposes. The most favorite area of the house is KhunUn’s office. It includes various collections which perfectly characterize his identity.

Though the house design is inspired from resort and hotel, it has little hint of a tropical style. Anyway, the entire decoration of the house depicts a modern loft style which is all the rage at this time. The house also generates pervading warmth which represents KhunUn’s identity diffusing in every corner of the house. The main tone is natural: grey from cement, brown from wood, black from steel and white from decorative items and furniture. A mixture of lines and patterns in some area is decently attractive. KhunUn chooses inexpensive materials but fit and fantastic with every corner of the house accordingly.

One thing perfectly portrays the homeowner’s identity is an appropriate arrangement in every corner. Any point can convey beautiful snapshots without any elements. This house is another vivid house of the year.


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By Oom, 04/09/2017
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