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Beautiful art is illustrated on my mind when I see the beauty of an interior design of the condominium belonging to the family of a German businessman who falls in love with Thai art and cultures reflected by the decoration of this duplex penthouse room. The two rooms were connected into one on the area of 1000 square meter on the 40th floor of a luxurious condo in Sathorn area designed by Khun Natthapong Pianselong of Gooseberry Design. It combines Thai and Asian identities together to create a Thai Luxury Style within this place to answer the real needs of the owner.

This Thai luxury style of decoration begins from the love of art in which the German owner tells us that he falls in love with Thai art and culture because of their inner beauty. Moreover, as he likes travelling to visit historical sites to see distinctive architectures; during his traveling he found handicrafts made by Thai artists, and he really likes them. When he has a chance to decorate his condo, he wants to keep the atmosphere of Thai characteristics inside his private room. “For the design, the room is divided into two areas for working and living. There is a link between the two areas providing the atmosphere like Thai temple decorated with golden bells, wooden walls and pure gold. The design looks contemporary by inserting a loft style into it along with the identity of the owner illustrated with the family symbol as gimmicks decorated in different parts of the room. This is inspired from an elephant trunk. The design tends to look modern to define the identity of the owner best.” says Khun Nattapong of Gooseberry Design about the details of the design.

For the interior decoration, the space is completely divided for working and living. The first room is Panya Room which is the owner’s favorite corner for practicing meditation. It is inspired by the art of old historical places in Cambodia. The tall double space ceiling is designed to enhance mysterious and respectful atmosphere. Meanwhile, the other room is designed to be a loft styled working room where a meeting room and a private working corner are functionally separated. The room looks identical with construction materials like bricks and wood. The ceiling is widely open to uncover the structural system under the roof painted white to well blend with the surrounding context. The walkway leading to a private relaxing area demonstrates the atmosphere of Thai temple inserted with warm white lighting leading to the hall at the middle of the condo decorated with a contemporary art from sculptures and antique wooden furniture. The identity is illustrated through the symbols of the family decorated on the wooden ceiling.

The master bedroom is attached with a special sized bathroom painted white to provide comfy atmosphere. The view of the city can be overlooked in every day with a clear door glass opposite the teak wooden bed. The different-level ceiling is inserted with decorative lights and coated with pure goal making the room look glittering and luxurious as well as relaxing. Another bedroom is put for their son. This bedroom is covered with a dark brown tone and furnished with the pieces of furniture made of leather, wood and metal in a smart look. The world atlas patterned wallpaper covering the other side of the room reveals the real identity of the family of traveling lovers perfectly.

The second floor is designed as an open space that links corners for cooking, coffee, living and reception together. A clear sliding glass door is installed as a partition between inside and outside areas. The inside is designed to look cozy and covered with an earth tone to provide friendly atmosphere. Decorative wooden ceiling is added as details to create movement into the atmosphere. The outside space is created to be a very luxurious outdoor living corner arranged with a long swim chair and a bathtub on the other side for lying down on relaxing days while overlooking the view of city civilization in a privacy atmosphere.

When beauty is designed in a proper place, it can create harmony obviously and makes all components reveal their own values independently. It is like this condo that every corner is designed to be valuable and accessible with touchable beauty of art.


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By Oom, 10/08/2017
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